Sunday, 1 November 2009

November already!?!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween - and got lots of sweeties!!! (I know I keep pinching them out of my boys treat bags)

Have a couple of pictures from last night of the boys - a bit of a before and after, when they had decided to take half of their outfits off - didnt t
hink Tom (the youngest) was going to get ready- he was all excited all week and then when it came to it he said he wanted to go to bed as his back was aching!!! However, with the promise of sweets & treats and that Jack would get them all - he soon got into the swing of it and his bad back disappeared - strange!!!

Been able to make a couple of cards today - see what you think not sure if the little angel one
needs a little som
ething extra??

Think will have to ask the lovely ladies advice on mse advice on colouring in with pro-markers - I just cant seem to do it right and get the professional look that the others do ...hmm.

The taller card was made with some Smirk (Naughty but Nice) papers & embelishments that I got from the Creative Craft World sale.


  1. Loving those Smirk papers! so cute x

  2. lovely cards Ali and the boys look very spooky! :) xx

  3. Your colouring looks good to me, I am probably an even more beginner than you :D And I'm using Copics... all paultry 8 that I own. Not much to practice with ;)

  4. Lovely cards and fab scary boys!!!

  5. Great cards Ali - love the smirk one xx

  6. Lovely cards and super scary boys!! x