Thursday, 29 October 2009

Few more makes:

Didn't think I was going to be able to get anything done today, with bowling with the boys this morning and we are getting the bathroom tiled so the tilers where here as well - however did manage to get another
3 cards made (although nearly burnt the tea as was getting a bit carried away in my little corner!!)

Another make with the freebies from Lets Make Cards - had a go at cutting the square out of the front (although did need assistance making sure it was square/central & straight!) . I used a glue spot and sellotape to hold the ribbon on the reverse, but covered it with a little paw print embelishment as unsure on the best way to do this - it actually looks ok though.

Another couple of Christmas cards - one Lili of the Valley, and the other is using Anitas Dimensions stickers - it doesnt show too well in the pics. but Santas arm is raised off the paper, the backing paper was one of the free ones with this months Cardmaking & papercraft magazine,
with card candy in the corners.

Thank you for all your kind comments on my previous posts, your feedback is really helpful!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Good evening all, finding it a bit difficult to make things with the boys off school and wanting attention nearly all the time!! On Monday we had a visit to the cinema to see UP what a lovely film - except I embarrassed the kids by crying - but it was a lovely story!!!

Anyway, while hubby took the boys to their swimming lessons - I was able to do a little bit of crafting - have been dying to do so as received delive
ries from Sarahs cards (just some flowers - free p&p! ahem) and also a bumper delivery from Creative Craft World - who I would thoroughly recommend - their customer service was top when I had an error at checkout and thought my order had gone to cyberspace - seemed to get loads for my £10 & free p&p again!) .

So here goes:
This has a lovely snowflake charm, from creative craft world, on daisy & dandelion Winters tale paper - not sure name of stamped image as it was in a bundle I bought off ebay. I think this is my favourite so far. (sorry its wrong way round)

Next - I thought would do a fun one with some Wallace & Gromit bits from Lets Make Cards magazine:

Then my last play around was with some Lili of the Valley (I love their designs!) and some of the new flowers I have:

Lastly I have been trying to get a button on my blog (failing miserably!) for the cute Alicia, who is really poorly and needing lots of help - if you can please go to her blog : to see if you can help - Thank you!!!

Right off to watch Midsomer Murders!!!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

More Makes.

Hi, hope everyone is having a nice Sunday! Been catching up on everyones blogs - some lovely makes!! I hope mine can be as good one day - with a lot more practice.

Couple more cards unfortunatly the pics are not ver
y good - hoping it is just the batteries in the camera!

This one is just a little christmas card with a topper in the middle of some mirror card and card candy in the corners - not sure if it is a little plain - what do you think???

This one - really sorry its not very good quality:( I am hoping to send this one in for challenge sent on mse to send cards to Ikkis breast cancer cause. What do you think - does anything else need adding?

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Afternoon all, just managing a quick catch up & update on my blog (still getting used to it!). Got a few more photos to add:

This cute dragon one was a variation of a lovely one that I saw on Rainmacs blog - hope she doesn't mind me pinching her idea !?!

Anyone who has visited mse will
know about Rudy & Trudy - the flannel reindeers - here is my attempt:

Finally another card make - this is for my neice who will be 16 in January (like to be prepared!) It doesn't look to bad on the photo but in real life it looks a bit wonky!! I have a problem keeping things straight!!! Do you think it needs anything else added - I had an idea in my mind what it would look like but it doesn't seem right - any feedback would be great.

Well its a cold, miserable day here today - so of course will have a little go at card making - or internet shopping (ahem), and of course some blog hopping - home alone - as boys at nannas & hubby at work - housework done this morning - so a lovely afternoon to me - and as a treat there is a Wispa gold with my name on it!!! (Maybe for 3 o'clocks!).

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Yay!! I have finally arrived in the 21st Century and got myself a shiny new blog!! (however, still need help to navigate my way round!) I don't think I would ever have done this had I not had so much fun on the card making forum on MSE, where all the ladies are very kind and helpful! So I want to send a big thank you to all of them. As I know I definately would not be here in cyberspace if it were not for them!!

I know this first post is going to be a bit picture heavy - apologies for that - as have finally gotten round to taking pics of all my makes and posting them here for all to see (GULP). Please be gentle with me, I know my cards are not as professional as most - but I am still fairly new to this - and get a lot of pleasure from card making!

Have a browse & see what you think! (Hopefully can remember in which order they were made)

This was the first card I made - a handbag style one for my sister in law - who seems to buy a handbag every week! The lovely papers were sent from rainmac who helped get me started - by sending me some lovely things, for which I am very grateful!

This next one is a birthday card for one of my best friends son - it is an Ian stamp (I think) on masculine paper with a little American Football embelishment.

These two are makes for my youngest sons friends, one who has a birthday on halloween and the other just a couple of days later.
Nearly finished - honest! This is a new home card for one of my friends - thanks to craftygranny for help with this one!

Lastly a selection of christmas cards for my mum, in-laws and close friends/family (apologies to everyone else but you will be getting shop bought!)

Ok, I think that is enough for my first post - I have a couple more pics but will sort those later!!