Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Yay!! I have finally arrived in the 21st Century and got myself a shiny new blog!! (however, still need help to navigate my way round!) I don't think I would ever have done this had I not had so much fun on the card making forum on MSE, where all the ladies are very kind and helpful! So I want to send a big thank you to all of them. As I know I definately would not be here in cyberspace if it were not for them!!

I know this first post is going to be a bit picture heavy - apologies for that - as have finally gotten round to taking pics of all my makes and posting them here for all to see (GULP). Please be gentle with me, I know my cards are not as professional as most - but I am still fairly new to this - and get a lot of pleasure from card making!

Have a browse & see what you think! (Hopefully can remember in which order they were made)

This was the first card I made - a handbag style one for my sister in law - who seems to buy a handbag every week! The lovely papers were sent from rainmac who helped get me started - by sending me some lovely things, for which I am very grateful!

This next one is a birthday card for one of my best friends son - it is an Ian stamp (I think) on masculine paper with a little American Football embelishment.

These two are makes for my youngest sons friends, one who has a birthday on halloween and the other just a couple of days later.
Nearly finished - honest! This is a new home card for one of my friends - thanks to craftygranny for help with this one!

Lastly a selection of christmas cards for my mum, in-laws and close friends/family (apologies to everyone else but you will be getting shop bought!)

Ok, I think that is enough for my first post - I have a couple more pics but will sort those later!!


  1. Hi Ali Welcome to blogland, and congratulations on setting up your first blog. Its a little bit daunting at first showing your crafty bits to everyone but its great fun. You have a fabulous selection of cards all very different and very lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing more. Karen xx

  2. Hi, Ali, smashing first post on your brand new blog.

  3. what a wonderful lot of cards Ali, and welcome to blog land!! I love your FF christmas cards :) xx

  4. Wow you've been so busy with your cards, welcome to blog land Ali!!! Your cards are fab x

  5. Welcome to Blogland Ali! I love all the cards,but particularly the halloween ones. x

  6. Fab cards Ali - my favourite has to be the Monster Birthday one.