Saturday, 24 October 2009

Afternoon all, just managing a quick catch up & update on my blog (still getting used to it!). Got a few more photos to add:

This cute dragon one was a variation of a lovely one that I saw on Rainmacs blog - hope she doesn't mind me pinching her idea !?!

Anyone who has visited mse will
know about Rudy & Trudy - the flannel reindeers - here is my attempt:

Finally another card make - this is for my neice who will be 16 in January (like to be prepared!) It doesn't look to bad on the photo but in real life it looks a bit wonky!! I have a problem keeping things straight!!! Do you think it needs anything else added - I had an idea in my mind what it would look like but it doesn't seem right - any feedback would be great.

Well its a cold, miserable day here today - so of course will have a little go at card making - or internet shopping (ahem), and of course some blog hopping - home alone - as boys at nannas & hubby at work - housework done this morning - so a lovely afternoon to me - and as a treat there is a Wispa gold with my name on it!!! (Maybe for 3 o'clocks!).


  1. Does that dragon have googly eyes? :D Fantastic! So cute!

  2. Wow, well done Ali, fab cards and I LOVE your reindeer!!!