Thursday, 25 February 2010

Very quick Easter make!

Just a very quick post of a couple of flannel rabbits I have made for the boys for Easter, although they need a bit of altering (I dont think Tom will appreciate pink ribbon!) :

They are really easy & quick to do, you just need a flannel, 2 elastic bands, ribbon, googly eyes and an egg of your choice.

Roll up the flannel and then gather with 1 elastic band, then gather again a little bit further up so you have a place to put the googly eye and fasten again with an elastic band - then add ribbon of your choice and pop your egg in the middle.

I shamelessly pinched this idea from a little stocking filler the boys got at Christmas where there was a bathbomb in the middle, but thought it could easily be adapted for easter.

Lovely Card Swap.

Hi, I feel I haven't been on here for ages - after my post everyday last week - but been a little bit under the weather and couldn't seem to get my head round anything. But there is a couple of challenges I would like to have a go of - so will need to get crackin'. Also my new threads came from ebay so might get started with my daffodils for a couple more easter cards. Never really used to send Easter cards, but now send them to immediate family - strange??

However, over at CraftyPlace The Wife arranged a card swap with a theme of hearts and my swap partner was Melissa - and I cant believe I havent got a picture of the card I sent her (think must have deleted it in error). Today, I received this beautiful card:

Together with some really gorgeous stamped images. Melissas card is truly lovely, and puts my effort to shame - it didnt look half as professional as hers (hope she didnt feel cheated??).

Right need to get back in the swing of things - so while hubby and kids are on the xbox will make a little start.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

What more cross stitch???

Hi all, well I think I am going to pop back to ordinary card making now - and have a little break from cross stitch - didnt take long for the novelty to wear off!! No, no its not that - I am just waiting for some threads to come from e-bay to do some daffodils with (so much cheaper than Hobbycraft).

I have put the duckling on card - but needing to get some Easter Sentiments just to finish it off - but here it is so far:

I started this make yesterday afternoon, I know, I should have been doing housework - but maybe tomorrow!!

I was able to finish it last night, and made it into a card - this is going to be for one of my close friends birthdays next week. I think I had already made her a card - but going for this one instead, here it is finished and ready to give:

Well being at work today, and hubby on nights - not sure if will get much done tonight - buy I have my mind set on making a little owl card - so we'll see how we go.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Wash day blues!

I asked my youngest to bring the wash basket downstairs so I could put some ironing in - however, he decided he wanted to get cosy in it and watch a film:

I did draw the line at him sleeping in it all night!! (And my clothes are still in the tumble dryer!!)

I also managed to finish the duckling:

Once finished he doesnt look too bad - I hadn't had all the correct shades, so just used what I had - it all came together in the end.

With the original chick one I made it into a card - I do need some easter sentiments though:

More things to add to my shopping list!! Why is it you never seem to have 'just' the right thing!!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cross Stitch.

Good Morning everyone, hope you all have a relaxing Sunday. Well, I have made a start on my Easter cards. I had decided to do some cross stitch - and waited patiently for this months cross stitch magazine I get on subscription - but I wasnt really impressed with their few Easter designs. However I did manage to print off a couple from the internet, so Friday night I sat and did this one:I have definately come to the conclusion, that I should stick to small designs that can be done quickly as I never seem to finish larger designs off - I have loads of ufo's (unfinished objects!!).

Then I started on this one:

Can you tell what it is yet???
Well it is the start of a duckling - however at the moment it looks like scary alien with big mustache!! Hopefully it will come together in the end - fingers crossed.

Luckily I had also been browsing on older posts at rainmacs place, which has given me some ideas as to how to use my little designs as cards.

So you know what I will be finishing off today.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Latest make.

Here we are at the weekend, cant believe how quick this week has gone. The boys have been really good - and back to school for them on Monday.

I am wondering how I have got so many cards made - when I cant seem to make that many when the boys are at school???? How have I found the extra time?? Oh I know... the house is a tip - ah well plenty of time to tidy up next week.

So... I had an idea for a card, that in my head would look really good, but in paper wasnt as pleased with it:

I dont have a border punch, so just used my small flower punch and then stuck the flowers on the top with sticky pads. Think I might have to put a border punch on my shopping list for Harrogate.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Something different.

Please can I have your honest opinions on this card. It is for my brother & his wife who are celebrating their Silver Wedding this year. Where has the time gone - it was mums & dads - oldies who had their Silver Wedding - not brothers!!!

I have got ages until their anniversary - so any additions can be made - or a complete change. The template I had downloaded ages ago - then just typed the sentiment and then added to silver card. To get the top effect - I have just used tin foil.

I also made a masculine card - I am not very good at the fiddly bits of cutting out - but this actually went ok - makes a change!!

However it was not all plain sailing - I had originally stamped the greeting directly on the card, but it was a bit blurry - so following one of the tips in one of last months card making magazines, just re stamped it onto card and covered the original stamp - I think it looks ok.

Can I also take this opportunity to say thank you for all the lovely comments on earlier posts they are always lovely to read!! xx

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Keep on Running!

Well, we had a lovely trip out yesterday - no moaning - really enjoyed the activity but it wasnt planes just bugs - still happy to make them though. Its a shame it was just soooo cold - but the boys had a run around plenty to find - and they want to go again... RESULT!! Not often they both agree on something. I took a couple of pictures and want to share this one with you - my favourite of the day:

On a different note, I am still keeping on top of my cards - probably getting ahead of myself - looking on the calender for the next card I can make - so, in April it is the in-laws wedding anniversary so made this:

The image is a freebie one I had downloaded from Pink Petticoat and the backing paper is Basic Grey - I wasn't sure if the paper was too busy - but it is growing on me - just hope they like it.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Well, well, well.....

Good Morning - hope you all have a nice Wednesday - this is just a quick visit before we head out - well my eldest did surprise me by saying he really wanted to go out today - even though its foggy & damp - we are heading to a local wildlife place to make a wooden aeroplane - and he really wants to do it - am stunned - no whingeing!!!

I am also keeping my mojo in action and made the following cards last night - this first one I would like to enter into this challenge over at Creative Card Crew - it is a Get Well Soon card:
Sorry not sure of the paper, the image was sent from a friend and coloured with pro markers and the butterfly is a stick on from Creative Craft World.

I also made an easel card for Mothers Day - however, I just need to put the printed message on the bottom part:

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Hit & Miss

Hi, well day 2 of the half term holidays - and all calm. Regretting typing that 'cos you just know its going to go pear shaped!! Hopefully, we can continue the week without the little fellas fighting - got a day planned out tomorrow and I just know the older one will kick off not wanting to go - but hey he might just surprise me!!

Well, it seems my mojo is still with me - but do you have times when some cards you make just dont go right or you are not happy with them? Well that is how I felt about this one :

The Sizzix didnt cut the alphabet particularly brilliant - so outlined in gold to take the edge off it - then felt I should of added some form of backing paper - but nothing seemed to stand out - it is for a party at the weekend - and my youngest says he likes it so....

However, the next two cards I made I loved - they were a pleasure to do - see what you think:

I would like to enter the top doggy one for this challenge. (Papertake weekly)

That leads me on to my next question - do you have some cards that you just dont want to give out??? Or the really nice ones give to immediate family members (so you can ask for them back - lol??)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Missing Mojo!

Hi all, well I dont know whats been wrong with me, but felt like I haven't done anything for ages except read other peoples blogs and see all their lovely creations. So over the last couple of nights started to get back into it again and made a few cards. However, on the card I have made for a 21st I need to get some other bits and just can't find what I am looking for to completely finish the card off:

I have been looking for a ribbon to go along the top of the patterned paper to then wanting to thread a star (gold??) and to put 21 on. Luckily it's not needed until March so will keep my eyes open. Off for a bit of retail therapy at the Harrogate papercrafts show in March - hmm never know what I will come back with!! (a divorce if I spend too much - hee hee).

Whilst I was doing that decoupage card, I also made another Jolly Nation one this time this is for my mums birthday:

I think she will like this one.

Right, what else have I been up to well I went onto Simones blog - and browsing quite a way through - as there is some lovely things to see came across a card similar to this silhouette card:

and loved the simpleness of it. I cut the trunk out of Bazil card stock and punched the flowers out then just added one red flower. The Sentiment was from the new Pink Parfait collection.

Now valentines day is nearly over, oh my son did take one of the cards for a girl in his class!! (the one that was meant for his dad!) I didn't mind though - because I think I liked the other card better!! I have started to think of mothers day and made this:

Again stickers from Pink Parfait - think I need to buy a square punch as my cutting even with cutting machines never seems straight. Not sure of the paper and the pink pearls were from Hobbycraft. Will just need to crack on with another one for either my mum or mum in law not sure who this one is for yet.

Lastly I have made a card for one of my friends - I love these Lily of the Valley fairies:

The backing paper is from this months freebie with one of the card making magazines.

I must stop spending so much time reading other peoples blogs, but it is so addictive you just get led onto another and another... and so on! If I did I would be able to get better organised as I need a little boys card for next weekend and wanting to do some cross stitch bits and pieces for Easter, and considering I am still trying to finish one that was meant for christmas - I think I need to start now.