Thursday, 25 February 2010

Very quick Easter make!

Just a very quick post of a couple of flannel rabbits I have made for the boys for Easter, although they need a bit of altering (I dont think Tom will appreciate pink ribbon!) :

They are really easy & quick to do, you just need a flannel, 2 elastic bands, ribbon, googly eyes and an egg of your choice.

Roll up the flannel and then gather with 1 elastic band, then gather again a little bit further up so you have a place to put the googly eye and fasten again with an elastic band - then add ribbon of your choice and pop your egg in the middle.

I shamelessly pinched this idea from a little stocking filler the boys got at Christmas where there was a bathbomb in the middle, but thought it could easily be adapted for easter.


  1. Aren't they just the cutest thing?

  2. I made those last year, they are so cute x

  3. Fab bunnies- may just have to inch this idea!

  4. They're fab. Love the eyes. When I saw them I thought of Zig and Zag :) Jaqui x

  5. Great idea, so easy to do and the children will love them.