Tuesday, 23 February 2010

What more cross stitch???

Hi all, well I think I am going to pop back to ordinary card making now - and have a little break from cross stitch - didnt take long for the novelty to wear off!! No, no its not that - I am just waiting for some threads to come from e-bay to do some daffodils with (so much cheaper than Hobbycraft).

I have put the duckling on card - but needing to get some Easter Sentiments just to finish it off - but here it is so far:

I started this make yesterday afternoon, I know, I should have been doing housework - but maybe tomorrow!!

I was able to finish it last night, and made it into a card - this is going to be for one of my close friends birthdays next week. I think I had already made her a card - but going for this one instead, here it is finished and ready to give:

Well being at work today, and hubby on nights - not sure if will get much done tonight - buy I have my mind set on making a little owl card - so we'll see how we go.


  1. 2 more gorgeous cross stitch cards!! the little duckling is really cute. The one for your friend is stunning, I'm sure she will love it!!

  2. I am loving your stitched cards, they are both beautiful. The chick looks fab with that dotty orange paper x

  3. those are both gorgeous ali, you cross stitch really fast! :) xx

  4. The little ducky is gorgeous and makes a great card as does the stitching for your friend.

  5. Love the sunflower and the finished card. I'm sure your friend will love it. Jaqui x

  6. Beautiful cards. I love your cross stitch and I'm amazed at how quickly you seem to produce them. x

  7. Lovely neat cross stitch :)

    Dabbling with cross stitch again myself of late... got loads of stuff left over from when I used to... it's of a more risque nature though, so doesn't usually make it onto my blog (*ahem*)