Monday, 22 February 2010

Wash day blues!

I asked my youngest to bring the wash basket downstairs so I could put some ironing in - however, he decided he wanted to get cosy in it and watch a film:

I did draw the line at him sleeping in it all night!! (And my clothes are still in the tumble dryer!!)

I also managed to finish the duckling:

Once finished he doesnt look too bad - I hadn't had all the correct shades, so just used what I had - it all came together in the end.

With the original chick one I made it into a card - I do need some easter sentiments though:

More things to add to my shopping list!! Why is it you never seem to have 'just' the right thing!!


  1. I love your chicks they are gorgeous x My boys climb into my washing basket and turn it into all sorts of things!

  2. LOL at your LO! Lovely card and the duckling is just too cute! x

  3. Your littlie looks so comfy, why is it we spend loads of money on toys when they can just use their imagination with household items and have a brilliant time. Gorgeous stitched duckling card! Makes me want to cross stitch again :) x

  4. He looks so cute and so does the duck xx

  5. Doesn't he look cosy. Very cute ducky and I love the card you've made with your chick - how did you stick your cross-stitch on to it? Jaqui x

  6. Firstly, thankyou for popping by my blog. Lovely to hear from you. My kids had a great time in London. And yes you must take a trip to the natural history museum.
    Yes I was a very lucky lady and was given an Orla Keily bag. I love it.
    I was interested that you are from the NE. My house when I was growning up was in Cleveland. Also I too love Marian Keyes. Ah well it's way past my bed time. Night night.
    Rachael XX