Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cross Stitch.

Good Morning everyone, hope you all have a relaxing Sunday. Well, I have made a start on my Easter cards. I had decided to do some cross stitch - and waited patiently for this months cross stitch magazine I get on subscription - but I wasnt really impressed with their few Easter designs. However I did manage to print off a couple from the internet, so Friday night I sat and did this one:I have definately come to the conclusion, that I should stick to small designs that can be done quickly as I never seem to finish larger designs off - I have loads of ufo's (unfinished objects!!).

Then I started on this one:

Can you tell what it is yet???
Well it is the start of a duckling - however at the moment it looks like scary alien with big mustache!! Hopefully it will come together in the end - fingers crossed.

Luckily I had also been browsing on older posts at rainmacs place, which has given me some ideas as to how to use my little designs as cards.

So you know what I will be finishing off today.


  1. aww that little chick is so cute! your cross stitching is very neat ali, well done :) Xx

  2. I love that little chick, I want some quick designs to stitch for Easter but haven;t started to look yet. I get Cross Stitcher on subscription but the ones in there are bigger.

  3. Your little chick is sooo cute. I hope you post pics of the second one when he's finished too. I love cross-stitching too - great fun. Jaqui x

  4. Oh - that is just too cute! Can't wait to see your duckling.

  5. Really cute little chick. I admire anyone that can cross-stitch, it drives me insane. Will look forward to seeing your duckling.x