Monday, 1 March 2010

Lovely Sunny Doing Day!

Hi, well for the first time in ages had a really good doing day - (you know - one of those days were you get lots done!) - quite rare for me!!! and I seriously think it is because it has been a beautiful day. I have been able to peg out washing (granted it wasnt totally dry - but nearly!!), wash the car and weed the borders in the garden - as well as other bits - wanted to get as much done outside as I could.

Another reason I was cheery received my order from Etsy - never used etsy before and the items were coming from America - but no problems. The order took a week and the items were lovely. Recently the lovely rainmac sent me a card with a fab image on - and then I just had to have the stamp - couldnt find it in the uk - but etsy came up trumps. While ordering the stamp, started looking at other items for sale and saw some cute paper, so oops into the basket they went:

Yesterday, me & the boys went to the beach, unfortunately the weather wasnt as nice - but at least it was dry - was hoping to spend a couple of hours there, but the boys got wet by a surprise wave when they were having a little paddle - being the organised mum that I am - NOT - didnt think we would have a need for spare clothes - doh! So we came home early - with a bucket full of pebbles - some really lovely ones - and some to be painted.

I have been working on another cross stitch card - this time a daffodil - its only little but kept making loads of mistakes - my excuse was the shades were similar - (ahem) - but all mistakes have been unpicked and re-stitched just doing the backstitch now:

At last I have also made a card with papers - its been a little while:

Finally, my last reason to be cheerful: hubby won the lottery at work not a lot but gave me a little bit to buy some crafty stuff - yippee - off for a little peruse of online shops to see what I can get.

Hope March is a happy sunny one for you!!

p.s. have you seen the moon tonight :-)


  1. Lovely goodies you have there. Thanks for your lovely comment about Molly's presents.
    I grew up in Marske. The picture of the sea made me very happy there.
    Your kids will have a blast in London.
    Enjoy the sun, and have fun
    Rachael XX

  2. Love your goodies...if you don't mind me asking where did you find the tree stamp its lovely :) x

  3. Lovely papers and stamp set.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the daffodil.

    Congratulations on hubbys win - enjoy spending it:0)

  4. What a fab day!!! Love the papers you bought - and the stamp set is gorgeous isn't it! Well done on your OH's win xxx

  5. thats a lovely card and the cross stitch daffodil looks as though it will be gorgeous too :) xx

  6. I love Etsy - probably a little too much, but 'oh' the shopping delights.

    Love the paper by the way,

    Nina x

  7. Thanks for your comment Ali sending you a virtual hug xxxx love your Etsy goodies by the way they look fab!

  8. thanks for sharing your happy pics and I love your daffy x stitch x