Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Afternoon all, well its cold and wet here - yuk!! Well, I am on time (for once!) except I dont think Paddington has posted hers yet, but my cross stitch is finished:

Not sure what to do with it now though!! It is my neices 21st in June so thinking I will use it on her card. Hmm what to start next - I know I said I wasnt going to do any more large projects as they never get finished - but in this months Cross stitcher magazine there is a fab pattern for a chicken to make into a cushion and I love it - dont know where it would go in the house but it looks lovely - so if I can get the fabric might have a crack at that. There is another stumbling block though, in that I dont have a sewing machine - so dont know how I would finish it all off - would it be too much to do by hand!?! I look at other people blogs though and see some fantastic makes with applique etc and so tempted to have a go because they always look fab - think I will have to have a look for courses because I just dont know where to start... if anyone knows of any tutorial blogs that would be good for an absolute beginner could you let me know that would be great.

Also, is there anyone else like me who takes forever to fully finish things - for example in about September last year I started this coaster design I have had it finished for ages but never got round to sorting out the actual coaster, I wouldn't care I had been given the details of where to get them from just never seemed to get it sorted, so when I nipped into Hobbycraft yesterday there was 1 on the shelf - so I have finally finished it (now I have got the size right I will iron it), it was supposed to be for a teachers gift - but I think it is too nice - might have to keep it for myself:

While faffing on last night after seeing Rainmacs blog I had a go at making a little easter basket - this is my prototype first attemp - but it was really easy to do, so will have to get a shifty on to get some made for Sunday. We are all off to my mums and they would look good for the adults on the table!


  1. Fantastic stitching - had forgotten it was Tuesday again - will post my piccy later

  2. Brilliant - Good Lord is it Tuesday again - arrrggghhh!!!!

  3. oooh love the stitching it looks beautiful.
    The basket looks good too.

  4. well done on finishing your japanese doll, she's so pretty :) xx

  5. Gorgeous cross stitch, really lovely. Nice idea to put the baskets on the table too... :) Christine x

  6. Fab stitching, I think she would make a gorgeous card. Love the coaster, so pretty and your easter basket is lovely, would look lovely as a table decoration, you're right!

  7. I love it. Have a great weekend,
    Rachael. xx