Friday, 19 November 2010

Blog award.

I was really chuffed when I saw Fi had nominated me for this award - especially when I feel I have been a bad blogger of late, and had a hissy fit the other night when I wasted about 4 images because my colouring kept bleeding and they just looked a mess - aargh. For this award you need to list 10 things about yourself that you might not know - this is going to be very hard:

1) I hate spiders.
2) I am a very bad tempered driver.

oh gosh this is very hard!! I feel I havent done anything interesting or met anyone interesting lol

3) I have a very sweet tooth and would rather miss a starter and main meal and just go for desert.
4) I thought I was a cheap date, the most expensive thing I liked to drink was Asti but after receiving a bottle of Moet one christmas - I now like the finer things in life.
5) I can't buy bags of maynards sports mixture as I would eat them in 5 mins flat.
6) I was never very maternal and it was only when I approached 30 that I thought it was now or never for kids - best decision I ever made.
7) I appeared in a magazine make over. ( I think I might have mentioned that before - lol). Not as glamorous as you think it would be.
8) I have awards in Life Saving (in water).
9) I work in a pharmacy and hate it when people show you wounds, or go into graphic detail about their illnesses - it makes me feel hot & queasy! (I'd never be a nurse)
10) I am overwhelmed by how nice people who you have never met can be. I have met some truly lovely people since doing this.

Phew that was hard and I apologise if they are a bit boring so now I would like to nominate:
1) Sarah at Rainmacs place
2)Amanda at Amanda Makes
3)Gem at Handmade by Gem
4)Karen at Karens Crafty Corner
5)Linda at Pink Lilacs
6)Angela at Sparkly cards
7) Vicky at Vixx Handmade Cards
8)Claire at What shall I make today
9)Trish at Craftygrannys crafty corner
10)Oona at Its not Terry's its mine.

Right off for I'm a celebrity. Sorry Shaun I ever doubted you - you are brilliant - lol xx

Have a nice night xx


  1. Lol at the number 9 pharmacy 'factoid' :0) x

  2. Had to laugh at the pharmacy bit :-) you goodies are on the way :-) thank you for passing this on.
    Hugs Linda

  3. Hi Ali, yes ... that market is on every Saturday and Sunday morning at the metro station in Tynemouth. It's a great place to have a browse ... there's a good variety of stalls. I'd go on a warmer day though, we were freezing and the roof leaks!!!!
    Love Kathy xxx

  4. Oh Congratulations on your award and ditto numbers three and six!! Spooky. xxx