Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Are you a flitter?? & Operation Tidy up!!

Afternoon all, hope you are keeping well. No card from me today (I've got one made - which you may catch a glimpse of - will just hang on to it to link it to some challenges - lol), just some piccies to share and wondering if any of you are like me.

There have been some posts lately over on Kandi's blog that I have really related to and thought I would share some pics of the magazines & books by my bedside - that I think have got bigger since some piccies last year:
There are crafty mags, home mags, general interest mags ( I was going to type girlie mags but that sounds sooo wrong!) - am sure you know what I mean - I am currently re-reading Period Living because although I live in a 20 year old house on a big housing estate when we win the lottery this is the sort of house I'll be after - ahh a girl can dream!!

These are my books that I keep buying or people lend me - quite varied. I started the Jackie Collins because I hadn't read for ages just couldnt get anything to interest me - so I thought I'd give a nice trashy novel a go - you know when you want to read something but don't want anything heavy or hard going. Only a couple of chapters in though and then I got the Cherry Cake book as a bargain (after seeing it mentioned in Nancy's blog) in the sales and started to read that - oh it is so lovely - makes me want to re-read Enid Blyton!!

Are you a Flitter - thats what my mum recently described me as because I seem to flit from one thing to another - there is obviously my love of card making - but then I saw a post on Helens Blog to make some fingerless gloves - I thought I could do that so here is my attempt:

I must admit I did have to get my mum to sew them up!!

Now not only do I have a crafty desk - I have a little crafty chair area in the front room where I flit over to and possibly cross-stitch or read mags here it is:

There are just sooooo many things I want to have a go at (blogs & the internet are to blame - lol - when you see so many inspiring things)..erm the sewing machine will be attempted soon - just waiting for some bits & bobs to get me going.

Lastly (sorry for all the pics) here is my bomb site desk this morning - as there had been talk on the MSE forum about getting tidy and organised - and it inspired me to commence operation tidy up :


Nearly there just got to sort out places for the boxes I have filled with bits & pieces.

Right off to cast on to make a mug hug now - (again off Helens blog!!) - thanks for looking xx


  1. Well you have put me to shame! My desk is like your first piccie......I keep meaning to tidy it nut I go to do it and then end up colouring something or chopping something and so the cycle of mess continues! I actually find myself getting stressed because I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING BUT I HAD IT JUST A MINUTE AGO IT CAN'T HAVE JUST DISAPPEARED!!!

  2. Ali please come and work your magic in my craft room... it soooo needs it.

  3. Oh now thats just far too tidy ;0) Love the gloves, did you manage to watch your mum sew them up? Hope so, as I am sure you will be making more inbetween the card making, stitching ....... xx

  4. Ahhhh sweetie, a girl after my own heart lol! You are soooo like me! books everywhere, a little corner in my front room with a few crafty stuff but that desk is far too tidy lol!
    But I must say I do try and clear up after I finish a card, thats because I cannot find anything hehehe!

    Thanks for sharing hun!

    Hugs Vicky xx

  5. your not a flitter you just have a lot of interests Ali, now thats a better description isnt it would love my sisters new house its the type of huge old house I would buy if I won the lottery too...thanks for the nosey of your areas
    Mina xxx

  6. Your desk is a clean as mine is and everything is also in plastic boxes stored away in the out house. Now I can't find anything that I need and yes I'm a flitter too.

  7. Ha ha, I think I too am a flitter. I don;t have a craft desk, sob! but I have lots of lovely stash cramed in a cupboard. I love your gloves, didn't know you could knit xxx

  8. Oooh I'm a flitter also - usually have several things on the go. Yesterday I was making a card, cooking the fish pie and sewing monkeys and kept going from one to the other!!! Love your fingerless gloves, colour is fab.

  9. I have to give that 'Chery Cake ' book a read - sounds right up my street. You have also put me to crafty spot looks like the proverbial bomb landed on it, what a state... but I'm halfway through wedding stuff and craft fair bits and bobs so no hope of a tidy up anytime soon - I seem to find things easier when its upside down - weird I know! Speaking of fairs, I will likely be at the gibside toward the end of Feb, as I'm hopefully heading away for a week of sunshine! Hope to see you there,
    BH x

  10. Ooh I soooo know what you mean - I must be a flitter too. I have a neverending list of crafts in my head that I must do sometime... and yep blogs are not helping this situation :) Love your gloves BTW. Jaqui x