Sunday, 10 July 2011

By Jove...

...I think she's got it!!! Now I know by typing this I am tempting fate and will probably make a right pigs ear of it but this stitching on linen malarky IS getting easier (although I have cocked up on the pattern a few times - although I think I've gotten away with it!!) I'm not sure if it shows on the photo but the the last few rows I have stitched are a lot neater than my earlier rows - yay!!

My chicken now has a tail and a leg!!! By gum I'll be having a go at those biscornu's before you know it - especially as I have printed off loads of cute freebies.

However, I must confess to have my next project lined up after seeing this on CraftyMoo's blog
it really appealed to my sense of humour:

yup my first Lizzie*Kate - I lurve these designs and finally got round to getting one it kept my order of gold plated needles company - lol!! I've also downloaded a Barbara Ana one (after I emailed the wrong person off the wrong blog to see where I could get the pattern - doh!!!) Now though, evenweave or aida??? decisions, decisions!!!

Poor hubby if I'm not sat sticking I'm sat stitching - well at least I'm quiet!!

Thanks for looking and listening!!



  1. Pigs,Chickens? Am I on the right blog!! No seriously this is good and glad your having fun with it. No my new arrival hasn't arrived yet. He hasn't been put on the bus yet even though I have sent his bus fare! Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Ok, I demand to know what the two of you are talking about!!
    Your stitching is getting so good on this, erm, chicken! ;)

  3. Fabulous Ali, I adore Lizzie Kate designs, have stitched loads, especially Xmas ones. Your chicken is looking great x

  4. Totally in awe of these! I used to cross stitch but have not done so for about 10 years.
    Hugs, Alison x

  5. Hi! Thanks so much for all your lovely comments - they were so fab to read!! back to reality now though...sniff...! Crafting galore to play with though and as it happens I had my eye on one of those funky chicken x stitches in a x stitch mag - is it that one?? Good luck with the rest - I cant touch linen, it pulls my eyes out and gets flung across the room soon after! Looking good, must show us the finished article!
    BH x

  6. Wonderful! Fantastic!
    Well done, Ali!

  7. Thanks for your comment...we have stayed at the Parkdean resort in Holywell Bay both times and loved it. Really near to the beach and 5 minutes from Newquay.

  8. Still waiting for my new arrival.(I think he must have spent his bus fare on choklit instead.) No your all right there's only two flying ducks and they definitely don't go on the wall. Mind you they are looking more like dive bombing missiles at the moment!!! Did a bit more to them today and now they have reeds to hide in.
    Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. Fluff knows nuffing. Oh my was that her stamping her foot just then.Children. Who'd have em!