Monday, 21 November 2011

Ooh right while the internet is back on...

... I'll just quickly post this. I don't know about you but I love the Coca Cola christmas lorry advert and it was on tv when Ians brother was at our house and I mentioned how it would be great to see it. Paul told us you could as its touring the uk. So of I popped to the website and got details that it would be at Hartlepool on Sunday, so what's a mum to do when you are off to your own mums for dinner but to pop in en-route.

I'd kept it secret thinking the boys would be excited but noooo!!! Whoopi-doo sarcastically from my 8 year old I dont like coke - I know but thats not the point its the christmas lorry - the holidays are coming, Santa, Christmas - no?? Cue much excitement from me - wasted it was - wasted!!! So thats why the faces on the pics look a bit pained - ah well I enjoyed myself - lol

I must admit not quite up to the adverts standard - maybe 'cos it was daytime - but look its number plate is SANTA 1 - eek!!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas......


(p.s. have you got that tune in your head now - ;-) lol )


  1. You lucky thing, i would LOVE to see the coke lorry x

  2. Holidays are coming, holidays are coming! I get it! I'd go. xxx

  3. Ali, that's fab! I'm so jealous. I might have a look when it's going to be over my way. Your boys definitely do look unimpressed. He he! xx

  4. Cool Coke truck Ali. I'm impressed :-)

  5. Oh aren't kids hard to impress?! My boys would probably have been the same! Lisa x

  6. Guess they would prefer the Warhammer Wagon?

    Did the Coke truck manage to keep its wheels?

  7. Next time give me a shout and I'll come with you. It looks fab and loving the number plate!! Jaqui x

  8. Jealous ;P It came to Bexhill last week and I only found out on the day and couldn't arrange a lift to get there :(

    Lol @ your boys - my kids would probably have been the same! x

  9. Typical male reaction! Lovely pics though x