Thursday, 8 December 2011

Part II...

... of the cupcake saga - lol - I will not be beaten (oh ok maybe I will!!). Well I tried again today after Toms lovely singing at school who arent doing a play this year as it is too stressful for the children - WHAT!!!! every other year seem to be doing something and theyve done a performance previous years!!! Anyhoo, thats another story - grr.

Now dont laugh at this :

although I am laughing as they look nothing like the hummingbird picture - I'll blame Tom as he stuck the marshmallows on l0l. I realised I didnt have the right size cake cases - honestly I am hopeless however, I am going to keep practising but maybe next week ;-).

The kids seemed to like them though and they do seem to be going down quite quickly.

Ah well maybe next time theyll be better



  1. so make me laugh Ali and they do look rather yummy with the marshmellows...!

    have fun practising sweetie..big hugs Vicky xx

  2. mmmmm!!! these are just FAB!!! Hugs Juls

  3. Look alright to me missus, what matters more is how they taste ;-) x

  4. Well I'm not laughing Ali they look delicious to me bet they have all gone and the kids want more! So much nicer than the bought ones too xx

  5. They look so yummy - are there any left? I bet not.xx