Monday, 20 February 2012

Another success in the kitchen department...

... ooh well my baking seems to have turned a corner - two successful cakes!!


Carrot cake (with cream cheese icing!!) recipe courtesy of What Kate Baked... tastes yummy too!!

In my bid to being frugal/organised I am trying to stick to meal plans and I feel more organised and the shopping bill is better when I am not buying things I dont need I am linking up with At Home with Mrs M and posting my meal plan for the week:

Monday: meatballs & pasta
Tuesday: pancakes
Wednesday: Shepherds Pie & beans
Thursday: BBQ pork chops, Jacket Potatoes & Corn on the cob
Friday: Kids at Nannas & we are hopefully out for the day - so tea out I think - if not a takeaway (feel slightly justified in having one as not had one in AGES -lol)
Saturday : Corned Beef Stew (only for me and hubby - kids still at Nannas)
Sunday: Roast Lunch (probably chicken) & sandwiches for tea.

We tend not to do desserts but there is fruit/biscuits/cakes/yoghurts available.



  1. mention of me coming for dinner may wish to edit your plans! x

  2. Ooooh Carrot cake, its one of my favourites. Well done on being so organised. I'm challenging myself to be more frugal and keep the shopping bill down, also to make use of what I have in stock. Your menu looks lovely.

    Karen xx

  3. Your cake looks delicious, Hun. Will you post me one for Thursday please? I try to keep to a meal plan too or I feel all stressed. Xx

  4. I need to get back to better meal planning. I love the look of that cake I too love carrot cake x

  5. Mmmmm that cake looks delish sweetie and I'll be round Thursday for tea...!

    have a great evening...big hugs Vicky xx

  6. Your cake looks scrummy :) I also try to keep to a meal plan, on the odd days when I fail to do so you can normally finally me stressed to the eyeballs between 4:30 and 5:30pm as I try to decide what I can do with half a bag of carrots, a tin of rice pudding and a walnut whip ! xxx