Sunday, 15 April 2012

Are you sitting comfortably???

Hello lovelies, sorry its been a while since my last confession err no thats wrong lol, I mean my last post. :-).

Right where to start, well as you know its been half term, my poor kids have had the half term from hell!!! It was my eldests birthday on the 7th and he has been desperate to go to Alton Towers, so when we had the lovely sunshine we booked a surprise night away at Stoke on the Tuesday to go to Alton Towers the next day....well those were the days the snow came!!! AARGH!!!

Here is a pic of Jack looking well cheesed off - as we walked from the carpark to the entrance hoping and praying the weather would change - it didnt!!

At least we saw a smile here - lol!!

After wandering around for an hour or two and getting onto an indoor ride and seeing the Ice Age 4d film we were approached by staff advising us to evacuate the park - due to snow, winds and falling trees - however refunds have been sorted and we will try again later in the year. We are off to London soon - so he'll get his fix of scary rides when we visit Thorpe Park & Chessington :-) . Please please let the weather be good!!

That was nightmare no 1. Nightmare no.2. was when they were with their dad in the Tesco car park and a woman reversed into their car - luckily no damage or injuries - just her blatent lying saying she never hit the car or heard my hubby blow his horn and said he was trying to pull a fast one!!

Nightmare no.3. me & the boys on our way to a local indoor skate park for their first ever visit when we were in an accident a van ran into the back of us and pushed us into the car in front - again no injuries and the car can be repaired - thank goodness.

Hopefully, all our bad luck is behind us!!

On some good news I've got some cards made and will get them blogged when I have spotted some appropriate challenges.

I have also completed my April make, being as I have missed February & March *blush*.

I saw a post on Dawnys blog, I havent knitted in ages - but thought I would give it a go - here is my finished jumper and my beanie hat just needs stitching up:

It looks a bit orange there - but it is actually bright red. I also gave my mum the details and she has managed to knit 3 in the time it took me to knit one!!! I've got the address - so I'll get these posted next week.

Hope you are still with me - lol.

Right, off to see if I can spot any challenges and will hopefully be back soon with some cards.

Take Care



  1. Oh dear, not been a good run for you...:-( I refuse to go to Tescos now as I am sure their parking spaces are smaller than any others anywhere on the planet...a small snippet to hopefully cheer you a teensy bit though is I have finally got my rear end into gear and got your little gift all sorted! Please keep a beady out for Mr Postie early in the week. HUGE. HUGE apologies for the delay lasting an eternity and then some..
    Hope you have a great Sunday and Lady Luck shines on you all soon!!

    BH x

  2. Oh my goodness, that's got to be your run of bad luck over and done with for a very long time. You will be in line for some fab luck very soon xxx

  3. Your luck should be on the turn now surely, Your knitting looks fine I have also been knitting for the same thing, not taken any pics yet :( must do that before I post them. Belated happy birthday to your wee man
    Toni :)

  4. Hi Ali

    Your luck will change that is for sure. Love the little knitted hat and top just lovely.

    Take care

    Hazel x

  5. OMG...! Poor you pleased no one was hurt and it sounds like you had a right nightmare Easter hols...Oops.. :o(

    Anyway....your knitting looks fabulous sweetie...and I so wish I could knit properly...I haven't done it in!

    take care and big hugs Vicky xx

  6. Sorry to hear that you have had such bad luck recently. How sweet is your knitting - such a good cause to help. I will try and make one too, because as they say every little helps. What a shame about Alton Towers, but gald you were refunded and plan another trip. We were at Thorpe Park on Friday, and it was fab, according to the lady on the rapid ride, my 2 boys and I hold the record for continally do the ride 13 times in a row! Have fun when you go xx

  7. Could you please knit me a 'slightly' larger version of this little outfit. That 'off-the-shoulder' floosy look is soooo me!
    When we got our car, we visited a supermarket and parked as far away as poss' with no one around us. When we returned there was an old car parked behind us that had managed to put their low bonnet under the back of our car. When the crazy owner returned she said we weren't there when she arrived & if there was any damage why don't we just get a new car. There are some 'arses' about! x

  8. Fingers crossed you've had your bad luck for a long time to come. Your poor son looks so unhappy. Wish I could knit, your little jumper looks so cute xx

  9. Oh what a rubbish week, well they say it comes in three's so that should be all your bad stuff out the way for now :-)
    My sister is going to appear in court for the insurance company as she touched the back of a work van at some traffic lights when the light changed and he didn't move. No damage to the car or the van and going at such a slow speed it was ridiculous but the guy is saying he hasn't been able to work for a year because of the serious damage to his back! Some people are total idiots!
    Lori xx

  10. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for visiting my blog recently, you have won my Echo Park blog candy. Please could you email me your address and I will get your candy out to you. Sounds like you could with some good news after your nightmare times anyway :o)

    Michelle xx