Friday, 15 June 2012

Lovely things in the post...

...  ooh yes, I've been a very lucky girl.  Firstly I was so pleased to take part in a swap with the lovely LaaLaa

These are the lovely goodies, I received - beautifully wrapped:

Ooh look at all these gorgeous goodies, I was very spoilt so was quite worried about my return parcel as it was the first 'proper' swap I had taken part in. 

Here are some close ups:
Gorgeous CK goodies, mug, key ring, mirror, ribbon, buttons a lovely notepad, a whopping cookie, and a gorgeous hand made needle case.

Beautiful Lizzie Kate Cross stitch patterns, CK pins, magazines, bath bomb, hand made heart with the cutest ladybird, and some chocolate - yum - it's quite a size so could possibly last until Christmas lol.

Huge huge thanks Lynda - I love everything.

Then, just the other day postie brought a prize from a giveaway I had won over at School Gate style,
now I wasnt aware of this blog until I read a feature about it in the Daily Mail.  Now, I'm hooked since I've had kids I 've sort of lost my way - clothes wise and (occasionally) buy some lovely things but still tend to be in jeans - but this blog gives lots of fab ideas & heads up to bargains to be had in the sale.

Anyhoo, here is a piccie of the bag I won - it will be great for my holidays:

So if you need a bit of insipiration in the clothes buying department (oh and handbags, and I'm not a shoe girl but I think I could be lol) pop over to Avrils blog and tell her I sent you.

Hmmm, think thats all, off to do a bit of stitchy while the footie is on - erm, I'm on a new project now - 'cos you know the caravan we bought well, I'm stitching a little boat to go in the bathroom - my hubby thinks I've lost the plot, but what does he know!!

Here's my progress (and a little bit more of the gnome alphabet)
I'm stitching it on the stripey aida that I got when I took part in the travelling craft box that LaaLaa organised and the pattern is from an old edition of Cross Stitcher magazine - I've loved the designs for ages but they wouldnt have gone in my house - and now I've got somewhere I can put it - yay!!!!

Right off to watch footy and drink some yucky wine that hubby got in a meal deal from M&S, half a glass down and its slowly getting better, but I think I'm going to have to give in and put some lemonade in!! - sorry M&S but yup its bloody awful, if you need a wine taster - I'm available.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Gorgeous goodies the bag and Ooh great stitching too sweetie...

    enjoy the footie...and the awful

    big hugs Vicky xx

  2. Ooohhh look at all those gorgeous goodies!!! A bit of everything in there x

  3. You lucky devil! What gorgeous goodies! I've found your blog for the first time today, I saw the lovely goodies you sent Lynda and had to see what you received! Lovely to meet you, have a lovely weekend. Love Katie xx

  4. Love reading your posts - and what gorgeous goodies love the CK buttons xx

  5. Just found your blog through Laa Laa. Love your swap goodies. Sue x

  6. Ooohh lovely goodies, I love posts like these where I can be nosy! Your bag is gorgeous too, lucky lady.
    Well done on persevering with the wine, you're a trouper ;0)

  7. ooo gorgeous goodies you got :)
    well done on the bag win too ...
    and coooo with the wine tasting bit ... lemonade has saved many a glass hahahaha ...
    and love the stitchy news and updates too :) love mouse xxxxx

  8. Thanks for the mention Ali! So glad you like the did have a good week...LOVE getting parcels in the post. Keep sinking that wine - I'm with you on the football widow thing. About to start posting stuff on eBay...that's how bored I am! Avril x

  9. You lucky girl! The stripey aida works really well with your project. Keep going! :) xx

  10. Now that's a fab parcel :-) Swaps are such fun when you get a pile of presents, it's like your birthday! Love all the goodies.
    Now men don't understand this need to stitch for every room in the house/caravan/wherever we can cram some stitching in. Who cares :-) Love the boat, it looks great on the stripy

    Lori xxx