Monday, 20 August 2012

Oh dear...

...after my many posts (lol) in July, it must have worn me out.  I did get a couple more cards made, which I havent blogged yet and a couple still to make.  However,  I dont think I've done any stitching - not sure my Tusal looks any different and my mojo has gone walk about!!  Cant be bothered to make cards or sew - my gnome alphabet is looking a bit sorry for itself and my father in laws birthday card is just not happening :-(.

Anyhoo, here is Augusts Tusal - pop to Daffycat to see how everyone else is doing:

Sorry for the saddo post, hopefully back soon and back up to speed.



  1. Aw Ali, give yourself a break, it's the summer holidays ;-) It's hard keeping up with everything at the mo I think. Hope your boys are behaving xxx

  2. Oh gawd blimey! What's up mate?

  3. Ach it's been to hot to do much especially with the kids being off or in my case kid and husband - I've only been crafting so I can hide and not kill someone lol!

  4. chill and the juices will carry one flowing! xx