Sunday, 16 December 2012

Last Tusal of the year:

yup, and I'm late again - I have gone from being slightly organised to panic stations - pah!! I dont know where its all gone wrong :-(  - anyhoo it'll all come together in the end - I think I have this panic every year.

So, here is Decembers Tusal - full to the brim with cottons and then random bits of felt from where I have been making ipod covers and a half eaten gingerbread man for the Christmas Tree - picture to follow:

Why not pop to Daffycats to see how everyone else did.

Here is my little play with felt:

I had the pattern for ages and finally got round to making him this year (this sort of thing appeals to my sense of humour) - here is a link to the pattern.

Finally, I've just come back from a last minute bit of sale shopping at Mo's digital pencil who is having a little sale on her digi's but it ends very soon - you need a code which I've seen around blogland and facebook so you've probably come across it.  I was very restrained and only bought two but could have bought loads - unfortunately all spent up with my Christmas shopping - maybe next time - lol.

Right off to sort the kids out for their bath.

Enjoy the little bit of weekend that is left.

Thanks for looking 



  1. love your little felt creation!! Hugs Juls

  2. Fabby chomped man lol! You're not as late as me this month :0) xx

  3. Have emptied the vacuum...contents en-route x

  4. !! Aw! That is such a cute gingerbread man! I like it a lot ^_^ Thanks for linking the pattern ^_^

  5. How much fun is that gingerbread man. Love it! Have a wonderful Christmas. X

  6. Seriously cute little Gingerbread Man! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas. Claire x

  7. Hi Ali, thanks for that lovely comment - it did make me laugh - mojo - will happily share as it took a while to find and they're buggers when they're missing!! Re the apothecary jars, can you beleive they were found in a charity shop in York for £2.99 - the PAIR!! Bargain of the decade and I get lots of use from them.
    Very best wishes to you and your family for 2013,
    BH x
    (PS - I LOVE your gingerbread man, hr appeals to my sense of humour too!! xx)

  8. I love the gingerbread boy!!!

    I have added a bunting tutorial on the post for you .... I have just typed it out quickly so if any bits dont make sense then let me know and i'll explain what I mean ... I am not very fluent inn the language of sewing!!!