Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Gah!!!! Help needed!!

What do you do when a blog appears on your dashboard that you do not follow or ever have visited their site when they have posted about reviewing a mobile phone in a foreign language???

I've not clicked on the site - incase it leads to trouble for my pooter???

Any clever peeps out there that can help??



  1. don't click on it ... the original blog has been hacked ... hopefully it will go away soon and the proper blog will be back once they have changed the password etc .... just ignore it :) love mouse xxxxx

  2. I've seen this happen when a blogger 'closes' their blog and the domain becomes free and available. If the previous nice blogger used to get lots of traffic, then it becomes attractive to all kinds. I once saw a blog that was old and established (a crafty/housified type of blog)it then popped up on my dashboard as a double glazing company from some far flung place deep in the US! If it were me I'd delete it, I think it can be done from your dashboard without having to click into and open the offending blog.
    Good luck!
    BH x

  3. RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!