Thursday, 14 August 2014

At last...

... a little stitchy update.  Honestly, I have been doing some stitching on a night I've had a few projects on the go.  These are my current WIPs - the dandelion dream I made an error on and had to upick a few rows on the leaf, so that went to the bottom of the pile.  Steph kindly sent me the zombie chart - I thought it would be ideal for the room where my boys play the x-box:

These are some recently finished pieces (I dont think I've shown them completed):

The Friendship one was a pattern I got from Harrogate, and the alphabet one was a pattern I saw on Junes blog and fell in love with it - I tracked down the pattern and use different varigated thread colours - now all I have to do is get them finished off (with my other things that need finishing!!!) 

I think I need to set a few hours aside to actually get things finished - I have cross-stitch cards to finish - all they need is some sellotape and they'll be sorted - honestly I'm terrible!!!

Thanks for looking



P.S. Uniform shopping done and not to bad price wise - by not needing new shoes!!  They were bought towards the end of the last term so a bit of polish and they'll be fine :-) (just need to check they still fit - cough!)


  1. my word you have been busy Ali love all your stitching what lovely designs , hugs.

  2. These are fabulous Ali, you must have lots of patience.

  3. I haven't picked up my cross stitch in a long time ... You have made my fingers twitch!!! Must get going again, thanks for all your inspiration :-) xx

  4. Great to see your cross stitch update :) I love your finishes!
    I did buy the uniforms for my little one (well not that little anymore really) but only noticed price goes up as the size goes up too.... Still need shoes though. Seriously, no idea what he does with his shoes but they never last very long. Hair dresser has been done too... can't wait for Sep now :D

  5. hello, hello!! LOVE the cross stitching's'! What is it about this time of year that brings out the need to unearth the old needle and thread! I'm currently doing a wee moose, and enjoying it. STILL got my other Zoob stitchy's to frame from *cough* February, so not holding out too much hope of my moose's turning into the intended cushion anytime soon after the last stitch goes in!
    Happy stitching!!

  6. Fab stitching, wish I could get my bum in gear and do more x

  7. Fabulous stitchy goodness. You stitched the zombie up really quickly! Looking zombielicious(yes that's a word! ^_- ) XOX