Thursday, 7 January 2010

Crafty Thursday!!

Good afternoon, how are you all coping with the snow & cold??? Apart from ungritted road - things are going ok here - yes we have snow (lots) & yes its cold, but can get out and about and the school is open (yay!!).

Today has been slightly crafty - in that, I have done a spot of baking and a spot of card making.

Thanks to Debbie over here for the recipe and the motivation - apart from fairy cakes for school fairs and the odd batch of hobnobs, thats about the most baking I do - so here is my version of her carrot cake:

Me & hubby just had to have a piece for our 2 o'clocks with a nice cup of coffee & it tastes delicious!! Quite amazed it worked - honestly I am really no good at things like this - just need more practice - I think it is just a confidence thing.

Tom has been invited to a school friends party - so made a card for him:
The image is a cute dinosaur that I received as a RAK from MrsTidge (thanks again!). What do you think, I am not sure whether to leave it as it is or to add the boys age (6) between the dinosaur and the sentiment.

Ok, thats it for today - will let you go now - whilst I go and sort out the boys tea. Take care x

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  1. Fab card, love that dinosaur!!! And the cake looks like is tastes gorgeous, please save me a slice xxx