Saturday, 30 January 2010

Valentine Makes & Huge Thanks!

Good morning - well not been up to much recently - however, I have made a couple of Valentines Cards - this first one was going to be for hubby (I can post this now - because he never looks at my blog unless I make him!!) :

The paper is not showing too well - but it looks like love hearts - I added the black to try and make it a bit more masculine instead of all pink with the smirk card buttons and stamped image which was only about a £1 for the stamp from the Papermill shop. The photo doesn't really do it justice.

Then the other night when I was just faffing on I made this one:

I dont know why I have made 2 cards - believe me there are not 2 men in my life!!! For this I just punched out heart shapes from patterned paper and then punched the last one out of Silver Card and pencilled Valentine at the bottom. I didnt know whether to use a silver pen and draw a square around the hearts - but worried that it might spoil it, as I quite like the simpleness of it. Hmm I think I like this one more - but- my eldest may want it for a girl in his class ...aahh bless!!

Finally, postie has just been with this beautiful card:

and some lovely stamped images from Sarah. They are all beautiful thank you so much - you didn't need to!!!


  1. I really like your valentine's cards and I agree with you totally - the simplicity of the second one is great.

  2. Your cards are beautiful, I love the style of the second one, it looks fab. No worries about the images, hope you can use them xxx

  3. all so beautiful , the smirk one is my fave :) xx

  4. Both so lovely - I really like the simplicity of the 2nd one.

    Lovely card Sarah!