Friday, 9 April 2010

No Craftin'post.

Helloooo, hope you had a nice easter and didn't eat too much choccy - I do lurve mini eggs!!! Well, we had dinner at my mums on Easter Sunday - and this was the scene for 14 of us:

I don't know how she does it!! Lovely food, lovely pressies, lots of choccy eggs - a really great day - although I did miss my dad - always in my thoughts xxx

It was my eldests birthday on the Wednesday he was 10 (I can't believe where the time has gone!!!) so we went to Edinburgh as a birthday treat to go to the zoo and the castle:

We had a great time and were really lucky with the weather. Although slightly shocked at paying £40 to get in the Castle (or is it just me being tight - lol).

Back home to washing & ironing but seriously missed my crafting - I have found it really helps me relax.

You may also remember I mentioned in an earlier post about trying other types of sewing and recently bought from Amazon the Cath Kidston Sew book - thinking there might be quite a bit I could do by hand, but - I think I will be needing a sewing machine!! I also bought Ree Drummonds book - have you been to her blog??? It is lovely!!! I have tried one of her recipes it was really easy and tasted lovely - so looking forward to trying some other things:


  1. What a beautiful looking table! Looks like you all had a fab time in Scotland. I don't think you are being tight, I think everything is ridiculously expensive!!! We went to Woburn Safari Park using Tesco vouchers, otherwise it woul dhave cost £64 for the 4 of us. Yep we had a great time but £64 - phew!!! It may be wirth a look on sites like freecycle for a sewing machine or see if you know anyone who has one but never uses it... ;-)

  2. The table looks so beautiful!! All of those mini eggs, yum my favourite too!!!
    Its good to see you had lovely weather this week too.
    My first class, friday 23 April 7-9 to make a box and 4 cards all materials ect included £6.50. Would love you to come and meet some other new crafters, there will be 6 at most this time as it is at home,
    Angela x

  3. Gorgeous easter table. Looks like you had a great day and no you're not being tight OH and I went through to Edinburgh for the day, walked up the hill to the castle, choked at the price and walked back down again! Jaqui x

  4. Looks like you had a fab time at your Mums, her table looks stunning.Glad you had a brilliant time in Scotland, despite the cost!! Fab books! Dunelm have some reasonable priced machines for beginners, might be worth a look. xx

  5. What a fab Easter lunch table! Glad you had a good time in Edinburgh lovely pics.

  6. what a lovely table setting, and such happy looking kids too. I remember being shocked at the entry price for Edinburgh castle many years ago., even with family ticket discounts it was a "concided" purchace.

  7. Hi Ali - thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't take credit for the 'who are these children' item - it's East of India. I love it - it sums up my life completely!xx

  8. Hi Ali! What a gorgeous post! Would your Mum like to adopt me? It's exciting to see you getting into sewing! You may like the Alabama Stitch Book I mentioned a couple of posts's all hand sewing, not a machine in sight. Lots of love, Amanda xxx