Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday already???

Good afternoon all, hope you are having a lovely weekend. The sun eventually reached us late on in the week so made the most of it - washing out to dry, lunch in the garden reading new magazines, no kids, hubby at work - aah bliss!!!

(sorry about the light - was taken in the garden and couldnt see the screen properly on the camera). Today it is back to being a bit chilly - boo.

The boys are back to school next week - and once I get the house back to normal (meaning no toys or games boxes all over the floor!!!), I must get back making my cards - I quickly made one for me husbands nephew the other day:

Its quite similar to one I did for his dad - hope they don't compare notes - lol xx

Over the last week or so - I seem to be doing more cross stitch on a night while (half) watching tv and these are my makes:

I am trying to get organised when the kids leave school for the summer holidays I have done the little alphabet patterns to stick on notebooks to give to their teachers. The champagne glasses are to go on a card for a golden wedding - sewing with the gold thread was a nightmare - glad it was only a little bit - thanks to the ladies on the mse cross stitch cafe thread who gave me some advice. Lastly, the patchwork heart just needs the backstitch/blanket stitch effect doing - and that one was done just because I liked the pattern. Cant wait to start the new kit that came with this months magazine subscription.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


  1. Lovely makes. I love your cross stitch, can't wait to see them made up.x

  2. your cross stitching is great Ali, how on earth have you found the time to do all those this week! the card is gorgeous too :) xx

  3. You are too organised, thinking ahead to teacher presents already!!! Your cross stitching is fab, I love the idea of a notebook, may have to nick that ;-) What are the Kate Knight papers like? Is it worth buying the mag for the papers?

  4. The cross stitches are lovely, thye wii be fab made up.. looking forward to seeing the fotos.. :D Christine x