Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Missing in Action!

Yoo Hoo, yes still here, just been away for a week to have our annual family pilgrimage to Legoland - we had a fab week staying near Henley and visited Chessington, Windsor & London - the boys haven't really experienced anything as busy as London but they loved it - especially the Science & Natural History museum - In my life bc (before children) I went Christmas Shopping in London many times and had forgotten how much I love it - normally I hate really busy places - but London is just so different. Really need to go again without the kids to do some serious mooching - Harrods is not quite the same with 2 boys pulling at your arm every 2 minutes demanding to visit Hamleys - lol :-)

I had been itching to get back to card making -but when I got back I just sat shuffling papers totally lacking inspiration so cracked on with a bit of cross stitch :

I really will make the effort to get this framed for the kitchen when it is finished!! (she says!! - will probably sit in the bag with the others!!)

Anyway, my mojo has started to return for card making as it is my hubbys birthday on Saturday - yikes- I seem to have lost a few days thought it was the week after - I cant believe how quick this month has gone it has just flown by!!

Right well I will go and see if my 3d gloss has dried on the image I have coloured and try and get it finished - hopefully I wont be so long between posts in future - take care xx


  1. Looks like your boys had fun and I know fully what you mean about London BC!!

    Love the x-stitch. Good luck with your cards - hopefully your mojo will be back with a bang! x

  2. Glad you all had a great time, we used to visit london as children to see the christmas lights etc and i always remember how different the atmosphere was. Lovely cross stitch

  3. Glad you had a good time thanks for sharing your lovely pics

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic holiday, we love Legoland and London too, never been to Chessington. Good luck with your OH's card x

  5. Love your cross-stitch - I think I should make one like that for my sister. Thanks for the idea. Jaqui x