Sunday, 9 May 2010

Oh No - Four Oh!! and a Big Thank you!!

Well, I cant believe it at the end of last week I turned 40!! I am sure I must have added up wrong as I certainly don't feel mature enough to be 40!! Still daft as a brush - lol. The postie was laden down and brought me lots of lovely cards from the lovely girls on the MSE forum - whom I haven't met but have been touched that they took time out to make me some gorgeous cards:

The top four are from: Hassy, Dragonllew, Padster & Mad Frog.
The two below are from: Marg & Rainmac
The next four arcing round are from: Flourgirl, Bun Bun, Oap & Tomsmum.

As well as the cards I got some lovely goodies:

Hope this works out, cant seem to get photos right on blogger sometimes!!!

So I just want to take this opportunity - to say a huge thank you - I love them all xxx


  1. Oh what lovely card and pressies, happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to you, the cards are lovely x

  3. Lovely cards and gorgeous goodies. Hope your birthday was extra special.

  4. thanks for sharing, I am glad you had a lovely day and received so many lovely things x

  5. Lovely cards - Belated Birthday Wishes, hope you had a fab dayx

  6. Hi, thank you so much for your comment and for entering the giveaway :)

    Belated Happy Birthday, you had some fab cards! I'm turning 30 in July so I can appreciate the dread of the milestones :-S

    Loved your grumpy nurse card by the way, so much cooler than a lot of the get well cards!!!

    Mel xxx