Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cherry on top!

The lovely Sarah over at Rainmacs place as chosen me as one of the nominees for the Cherry on Top award:

After getting the award you have to:
1) Thank the person who gave you the award.... Thank you Sarah!!
2) Post the award....done.
3) List 3 things you like about yourself: i) I am very silly and laugh at the stupidest things!!
ii) Can be brave when I really need to be.
iii) Am always on time. (I really cant be late)
4) Post a favourite photo:

My cheeky monkeys!!!
5) Pass it on to 5 people:

Angela at Sparkly cards.
Laura at Legweaks Handmade Cards
Sherie at my bubble
Marg at Marg the Hermits Crafts
Skiergirl at Snowy Peaks

(sorry but some may of already had this award!!)


  1. Lovely photo Alison - thank you for the award x

  2. Thanks Ali - I will pick it up this next week some time???? Just got back after a few mad days away in the cold british "summer"???????
    Angela x