Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Finally sorted out my font!

Just a quick post to show the finished elephant card with the sentiment on (at last!!). Finally sussed how to do it this morning with tempers fraying between me & my hubby as to who knows best!!! 'Just follow the instructions I have been sent!!! - grrr' - lol

I was also going to post the card I had sent to Dragonllew as part of the Crafty place card swap but I deleted it (by accident!!) - DOH!!

However, here is a pic of the beautiful one she sent me:

Thanks for looking xx


  1. Fab font - glad you got it sussed! It sounds like my household :) x

  2. Fab font - I must d/l more fonts!!!! Great cards.

  3. hi Ali!
    Great card, that really is a lovely image! Glad you sorted out the font issue. I know how that feels! Looks so simple to download but then what do you Do?! I found some really nice fonts a while back which i downloaded. I waited for my OH who is actually a computer bloke to install it for me and even HE couldn't do it. Eventually (3 weeks later) he finally managed!
    Linds x

  4. Two lovely cards, glad you got the font sorted. My DH doesn't 'do' computers but your scenario could fit anything else in our house!

  5. Both lovely cards. Glad you got the sentiment sorted

  6. Gorgeous card, I love the little elephants, glad you got the font sorted.
    Lovely card from Dragonllew too. x