Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Best laid plans...

Well, yesterday I was going to do a new post of hyxgt (Hows your Cross Stitch going Tuesday) - I havent done one for months!!! Were does the time go?? But, it was the last day of the boys holidays so we went to Flamingo Land which is a Theme park about an hour a way so there was lots of this:Add Image

Can you see me at the front - I am the one SOAKING wet!!! Lol
So because of this there was no post - I was worn out and a glass or two of wine was in need - but I shouldnt really it just sends me to sleep!!

Anyway, this is what was going to be posted:

Last weekend I went to Harrogate to a Needlecraft exhibition thinking there would be quite a bit of cross stitch - but there wasnt - it was mainly quilting and there was some beautiful quilts on display. I still managed to get a kit at one of the few stalls that sold cross stitch - now if I ever finish this it will be for my eldest sons bedroom, who is into Harry Potter and magical/mythical things - however he might have his own place by then!!!! I have never stitched on black aida before and there are few things on the chart that I have not done before - they really should let you read the instructions before you buy - lol xx


  1. Looks like you've made a good start, bet it's hard on the eyes. x

  2. Looks like you had a fab day and good luck with the stitching, don't envy you with that fabric ;-)

  3. Fab day out by the looks of things!!!! Good luck with the cross stitch.