Friday, 18 February 2011

Are you sitting comfortably...

... well I feel I must apologise for being a bad blogger - not posted for ages so this might be a long one :-). Been a bit busy with family birthdays and a night out - no make that 2 nights out (and its only February that must be half my annual quota!! lol). Also have to admit to being a bit of a grump lately and not sure why but I've tried to keep up with blogs and its interesting when flitting about you read things on other blogs and think great its not just me - other people feel like this to.

So on Thursday the sun was shining and it even felt warm - I gave myself a kick up the ar*e and bought some plants to cheer me up and pottered about in the garden and made up a few pots:

I felt really chipper after doing this and get this... I even hung some washing out!!! Shocking I know!!! But now the weather has turned again and I've got more plants to plant which I really wanted to do asap - grr - bl**dy weather.

My next mission... SEWING....
Ready , steady, sew....

err no not quite:

Got the gear (well except for the fabric (which is so much more expensive than I thought it would be - or am I just being tight!)

Thanks to Mrs A for the website tip as to where to get some Bondaweb - but a few other things fell into the basket as well. I also got some little (very) bits of material off ebay - I should really learn to read descriptions better the little bag of goodies isn't quite what I had in mind thought the price was too good to be true - lol. But after being intrigued by a post at Dazie Delights I've got some good links to follow up there. Although I keep going back to Fabric Rehab gorgeous fabrics there - just need to get the delivery timing right so it comes when hubby at work so I dont get grief, but then he did buy me the sewing machine which is slowly gathering dust.

I've also been making a few cards I made a lovely new baby card for a chap Ian works with but forgot to take a piccie of - doh!!

Well I think I've bored you enough tonight so I'll post them tomorrow - got to keep my mojo rolling lol.

Oh very last thing, honestly, if you ever get chance to see this lady:

Sarah Millican:

She is hilarious - little bit more sweary than on TV but my god she is brilliant I laughed from start to finish - saw her up at Newcastle Journal Theatre a couple of Fridays ago soooo funny!!!


  1. Hi Hun, nice to see you. Your pots look great. Good luck with the sewing. xxx

  2. Ali, your pots look really cheerful, I'm not surprised they brightened you up.

    What are you planning on sewing - I'm about to start a quilt and have been busy cutting out squares ready to sew together next week!

    I've seen Sarah Millican on on a couple of chat shows on tv and she is really funny. Would love to see her live.

  3. Going outside seems to be the way to get going again after a winter of hibernation so i'm taking my opportunity tomorrow to get out in the garden....
    can't wait to see what you will be making?????

  4. Lovely flowers Ali, I need to get me some flowers as the garden looks awful, so bare! I would love to see Sarah Millican live x

  5. Oh whatcha gonna make then?

    Sarah Millican always make me laugh when she is on the tv. Very funny lady. Have a lovely weekend x