Thursday, 21 April 2011

Oh man...

... you know when you are just plodding on nicely, getting back on track with things and then out of the blue it all goes a bit Pete Tong.
Well thats what happened here - lol - nothing too serious but a week today my hubby dislocated his foot at work I wish I could say it was something heroic like fighting a big fire or rescuing someone but no it was in p.e. time playing volleyball. He has some lovely photos of his foot on his phone that he is showing to anyone and everyone - bleurgh - so after spending from Thur to Mon in hospital he is home - thank goodness for the lovely weather to be out a little bit. He's still a bit of a grump at times with the pain - aargh 6 weeks of this!!!!
Anyhoo, I just wanted to pop on to say thank you to Justine at Emma Bear Forever, I was one of the lucky winners of her Blighty giveaway and I received it yesterday so sweetly wrapped and an added little extra that is too nice to use:
Thanks again Justine - it was just what the doctor ordered (to cheer me up anyway :-) )

Right off for a last ditch attempt to get my last couple of easter cards made.

Hope you all have a lovely easter xxx


  1. Oh dear, that does not sound good. It sounds quite painful, are you running around after him? Does he have a little bell? Wishing him a speedy recovery :) Glad you liked the goodies. Have a good long weekend xxx

  2. Oh hun, I'm so sorry to hear about the foot as men are notoriously bad patients! I hope Easter is ok for you. Much love. Mmmmmwah! xxx

  3. Oh sorry to hear about hubby's foot...Oh they can be so grumpy lol!...and what lovely goodies too sweetie!

    hope you have a lovely Easter...hugs Vicky xx

  4. Your poor OH and poor you, a man in pain is a grumpy man :-( Your parcel looks fab, well done you xxx

  5. Well Done on your win - hope your DH gives you enough peace to play with them.xx

  6. Oh dear. Sorry to hear about the Man Wound....can't be easy for you! Well done on the stash win, looks like there is plenty of ribbon you can use to strap up that foot if you need too!
    Linds x

  7. What a lovely pressie. Ooh I don't envy you, a grumpy OH in pain for 6 weeks EEK! I hope his foot gets back to normal soon (or the weather stays great ;) ) Jaqui x

  8. Hi Ali,
    Sorry to hear about Hubbies foot but there is
    another prezzie on the way if you would like to send me your details via my e-mail on my blog.
    We have no hot water cos the centrl heating is b------. Still waiting a month on for it to be fixed as floor boards have to come up and plumber dosen't do that bit "No siree I don't do floors you need a chippie to do that bit mate" Do they want jobs or what.
    No phone line either cos thats b-------- too. BT man has been out and said we have break on line underground and he dosen't do underground no siree but he knows a man that does!!! Internet is back up thankfully from last Thursday and they have very kindly redirected our fixed line to hubbies mobile for the interim so at least we can talk again. O'h and son got himself engaged in Times Square on Friday and bought engagment ring in Tiffanys. Not much going on here then!!
    Have a great Easter. Hugs Mrs A.
    hugs Mrs A. Happy rest of Easter.

  9. Hi Ali, hope the wounded one is on the mend now and not causing you too much extra work - as they do when seriously injured :-)
    I love your goodies, perfect for a bit of wedding decor for next week! ( I have 8 or 9 weeks to go, something like that, so loads of time for me yet!)
    Hope you are having a fab Easter!

    BH x