Wednesday, 15 June 2011

How quick!!

Wow!! I dont think I've ever finished anything so quick!!! (well apart from some little beads) oh and the little task of turning it into something - so many things to choose from though!! Here is my finished stitching:

Tah Dah!!Quite pleased with it although I dont think its perfect for a first attempt its ok.

Ooh just to let you know Jack and his year arrived safely in France and from the few photos on the school website they have had good weather and there seemed to be lots of smiley faces - although I cant spot Jack on any of them :-( , the school have a policy of no phone contact while they are away so we are assuming no news is good news as the info seems a bit less than I had hoped for - pah! no pleasing some parents lol!!

Thanks for looking



  1. So beautiful Ali...your stitching is perfect hun..and I am so pleased Jack arrived safely in france too...

    have a lovely evening...hugs Vicky xx

  2. well done :) looks lovely :) how would you like to finish it ??? and glad to hear DS has arrived safely :) love mouse xxxx

  3. It's beautiful I love it, very pretty yet understated.
    Kandi x

  4. Your X stitch is fabulous, very pretty and the fabric looks as if it would be hard to work with. You could just frame it. Glad your son got to France OK I bet he's having a great time. x

  5. Wow, your stitching is fantabulous. Wow again. Sounds like all is well with Jack. :)

  6. Beautiful stitching. Bet your son is having a fab time xxx

  7. Your Love is perfect. How about a little scented pillow. Muver is not talking to me at the present
    since I added un authorised puddings for farver in her weekly internet shopping!!! Still makes for a quiet life. Hugs Mrs A.

  8. Hi Ali - I've just added a little extra info on to the end of my posting and hope it will help.

    Basically half a cup is 115g butter (4 oz) and I use this link as a guide ::

    Hope that helps? And I love your embroidery.

    Nina xxx

  9. So have we!!!!!!! and the Lasagne wans't lasagne after all. I had taken it out of the box so cartons all looked the same view from down a wine bottle. It was Mousaka. Just stopped The Doc from putting Parmesan cheese on top in time.
    (I can't take him anywhere.) Hugs Mrs A.

  10. I love it Ali your stitiching is beautiful, sounds like Jack must be having a good time.
    Hugs Linda

  11. Your cross stitch is beautifully done - it is hard to switch from Aida at first but soon you get used to it and make something really lovely like this!
    Helen x

  12. Well he was going on his hols soon but something stupendos has cropped up so he has to stop at his craft desk for a bit and wait for the post man!!!!