Wednesday, 28 September 2011


...while I've got 10 mins (just got some veggies roasting to go into a soup!!) - except its mafting here so thinking it might be salad for tea. lol.

I just wanted to quickly post a pic of the nearly finished cross-stitch that is doing my head in. I lurve the pattern but the 22 count is horrible I cant wait to finish it and I am nearly there, however, I seem to speed up when I am nearing the end of something and now making silly mistakes so its taking longer - aargh!!

The pattern is a freebie from Jaunty Fox designs -I'll try and find the link, and pop it on my blog.

Postie has been as well yay!! with a couple of Martha Stewart bargains - yum!!

The book is hardback and only £4.50 from Amazon - I've only had a quick look but seems idiot proof (so I am ok!!! :-)) and some nice things to do (and free cd to copy designs & templates). The holly punch I have been lusting after, after spotting it in a magazine - and a bargain on ebay - so well chuffed. That remind me must go and write my feedback.


Thanks for looking



  1. Love your halloween cross stitch. Will it go into a frame? I just can't get my head around stitching, hehe :) x

  2. You asre really getting into the swing of cross stich. This looks fabby dabby. That book is a snip at £4.50 Must go see. Catch you again later. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Black thread must be sooo hard to work with Ali but it looks so effective, it's ages since I did any X stitch. xx

  4. this is really fun!!! Its lovely to find a blog with both cards and stitching on it, 2 great loves of mine!! Hugs Juls

  5. i sypathise with the 22 count - its awful stuff to work on I find, then again the old eyes arent quite as sharp as they were and the attention span is shorter than it was so that may be why!! Its looking good though!
    BH x
    (PS - Martha punches are really good arent they - such detail in them)