Saturday, 3 September 2011

A mixed post...

... a little bit of everything today (well, except a card - which may be later). Okey doke, where shall I start - I finished my little Barbara Ana design the other night:

I am really pleased with it (I've missed off the bottom row of some squares- as I liked it like this) just need to get it framed now - and after giving myself a kick up the bum to actually get stuff finished I'll be off to get a frame tomorrow and have a go at doing it myself.

I've actually started & finished covering the foam for my pew - err how many months has that taken??? lol - see what you think:
It was hard sewing and reading the intruction manual to the sewing machine - oops its only its second outing since my hubby bought it for me last Christmas!! Can you spot my new oil cloth - just a little bit CKish - doesnt go with the peach walls though hmm how can I break it to hubby he's going to need to decorate - hee hee.

Have you heard the song Jar of Hearts - well here is my Jar of Tarts:

My mum gave me the jar (I think its just an old coffee one), I have filled with Yankee Candle tarts added ribbon, painted a little wood heart and written on tarts - et voila!

Are you still with me - not bored you to tears yet???

Just a couple more pics honest!!

Right, I need new magazines, like I need a hole in the head -BUT - have you seen the freebies at the moment, I got my subs. copy of cross-stitcher yesterday and I have read the print off it already and what about this for a fab freebie kit - I cant wait to start it:

Or how about a cute Margaret Sherry one in World of Cross Stitch, stitching not your thing?? There are some soooo cute Humphreys Corner Christmas stamps in Papercraft essentials???

Right just off to hide one of the mags before hubby comes home!!

Thanks for looking


p.s. A bit of Sewing Machine help please when I have been stitching and finishing off when I go to snip the cotton and the cotton from the bobbin I have been getting 3 threads to snip instead of just 2??? Nothing in the manual??? Can anyone throw any light on this - I am wondering if it is because I am stitching quite slowly???
Thank you!!


  1. Wow have been a busy wee bee hun... your cross stitching looks fabulous hun...and so does your pew..!

    Ooh love the mags too sweetie...and all the fabby freebies..!

    have a lovely evening...hugs Vicky xx

  2. Yes, you have been busy, and your stitching is coming along. Wow, look at all this. I have no idea about the machine, they are scary. Ask Mrs A! xxx

  3. Wow you have been so busy, all your makes look fabulous. Well done for tackling the seat cover for your pew. Oh! & I'm blaming you for me spending money on magazines yesterday!!! xx