Monday, 29 August 2011

New stitching..

... yup I've started another new stitchy project. I know, I know, I should finish off some of my other projects - well I am waiting for my hubby to cut me some mount card for my little welcome stitchy - so thats my excuse and I am sticking to it - lol!!

Here is my new project:

This is a cute Barbara Ana design that I originally saw on Craftymoos blog and fell in love with it as I thought it summed me up on a morning - when it is finished it will say 'hand over the coffee and no one gets hurt!' - lol. Loving the colours.

Right, I need to ask any super stitchy ladies out there - how do you store yours??? Your threads that is - do you store them in numerical order or the order of colours on the dmc chart?? Mine are alway in a right pickle and I cant seem to find a way to keep them organised. I've now got a list of dmc colours (taken from an old cross stitch magazine) with the numbers ticked off so I know which ones I have, but then trying to find them - aargh!!.

I took some photos last night of my desk, and my little sewing area around the chair where I sit on a night - but having just looked at them again now - I am ashamed to put them on here - good grief I am untidy!!! No wonder my kids are messy - oops!!

Right I can smell burning best go and check the tea :-). Thanks for looking and any advice on storage would be great.



  1. i have a couple of the plastic segmented boxes and use the cardboard thread bobbins and then store them numerically (i say numerically but i had a look earlier and they are a little jumbled up) the cross stitch looks great mine would have to be tea related though as I don't seem to be able to function until I've had at least one cuppa!

  2. Love the stitching!
    I have my DMC threads in a tupperware box and my Anchor ones (not very many) in plastic wallets and odd bits on labbelled card in a box.

    I do have both the DMC and Anchor shade charts with the snippets of thread in so when I'm looking for a colour I look it up on those first so I at least have an idea of the colour I'm looking for - they are brill if you don't have the right number to see what might work together
    HTH xx

  3. This looks fab, what gorgeous colours! I actually bouught the World of Cross Stitching last week to have a go at the cover kit, it's still in it's pack, oops! Maybe tomorrow... I had a go sorting my threads into numerical order in plastic wallet thingies a few years ago but they are back in a mess ;-)

  4. Sorted by colours most definitely with the number if the slip cover is missing and also the corresponding colour option and number in the dmc if using anchor or vice versa. I know I'm boring.Think fluff will need one of these too. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. Beautiful stitching Ali my DCM is sorted into colours and numbers in little spools in box's
    Hugs Linda

  6. this is gorgeous Ali...go on show us the piccy of your mess I dare you lol
    Mina xxx

  7. Great cross-stitching. I used to keep mine in a fishing box. I did google it and there's some great storage ideas HTH. Jaqui x

  8. This looks lovely, will be nice to see it finished on a card. I don't do cross stitch, so no idea for the storage :) Hugs xx

  9. Love this BA one, well I love all her designs actually :-) Great blog by the way!
    Threads....I use DMC only and my fab fella bought me a full set for Crimbo a few years ago (he always complains he'll never top that present, and he's quite right!) They are all wrapped on cards and stored in numerical order in one of those postal boxes you buy flat pack from the post office. Works great and cheap to replace too if it gets tatty :-)

  10. Oh by the way, yep you are just (a bit) down the road from me :-)