Monday, 24 October 2011

I know....

... I should really finish one thing off before starting another, BUT, I am dying to stitch something from my Just Cross stitch Halloween magazine, so I have chosen this one:

shown next to a freebie that I have just started to back stitch, so I am going to do a little of that one later after I have made a start on my owl ornie!!

I had seen a link on CraftyMoos blog, about a crazy January 2012 challenge (scroll down a bit for the post) where you start 15 different things from Jan 1st - 15th and then finish them through the year. Thought I might sign up for it, but then thought I shouldnt really, as maybe I should start my own challenge where I find 15 things and ACTUALLY finish them through the year lol.

Lets hope I get these finished before 2012.

Thanks for looking



  1. That owl design is adorable. Looking forward to seeing it finished :-)

  2. That owl is gorgeous Ali. What magazine was that from? Xx

  3. hehe join you know you want toooo :0 I'm a mod on there soooo you will be looked after hehehe xxxx

  4. This is gorgeous! I can understand why you needed to start this now x

  5. Finish one thing before starting another! No way, that's boring! ;) xxx

  6. I don't think I'll be doing that challenge - I've a feeling I'd start 15 and finish 0. Can't wait to see your cross-stitch, love owls :) Jaqui x

  7. 15??? that all yeah right lol....oooohhhh get it done so we can admire it Ali
    Mina xxx