Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Where is the time going...

...I cant believe its over a week since I blogged and dont seem to have got much done :-(.

I have got some stitching done - mums angel is finished - but I dont think I have enough material around the stitching to frame it - but I'll get a frame and see how I get on. Note to self measure material without just guessing and going 'ah that looks big enough!!'

I've joined Laineys Christmas Ornie stitchalong and the first item was linked to Santa, so I've made a bit of progress on this:

Thats it on the sewing front not much made on the card making front I am stuck on one image - I can't tell you the number of times I've attempted to colour it and it has ended up in the bin - aargh!!! anyhoo I'm getting there so hopefully get it blogged soon - its supposed to be for a clean & simple challenge but its been anything but simple!!!

Thanks for looking


p.s. news on the holiday front - holiday booked to The Algarve - yay - downside to this, I have offered to work Mondays now to get the extra money to help pay for it - boo!!! I really need to win the lottery :-)


  1. Love the angel - can you put it in a mount to make it a bit bigger to fit the frame? I've used DST before now to stick a bit of stitching to the back of a mount or get a bit of self adhesive mount board

  2. Your angel is very cute, Ali--I think you'll have enough to frame it if you don't leave much fabric showing around the design. Or, it would be very cute as a hanging pillow... Good luck :)

  3. You've got loads of room to frame that, I've done ones with a lot less, lol! I sould use a mount and stick the stitching to the back of the mount with ds tape then you can whack it in a bigger frame and no one will know......
    I too seem to be losing track of days and weeks, it's flying past!
    Lori xxx

  4. think you will have enough room to frame if you use a sticky mount board and then on the sticky side put some thin wadding on to give a nice base to it.. cover with the stitching and then fold over and lace .. you should be fine :) love mouse xxxx