Saturday, 22 September 2012


Yay!!!! I'm back - well our first holiday abroad with the boys was a success - not stressful at all - well only getting a little bit stressed about flying but it was fine - the boys stayed occupied in the pool or in the kids club that they were adamant they werent going to go to, but as they were the only kids in the hotel - they had the entertainment staff to themselves and loved every minute - right time to start saving for next year!!!

Now admitted we did only go away for a week and it's been AGES since my last bloggy post I'm not doing anything differently but my time just seems to go flying by.  Before we went away I managed to get to the quilting and cross stitch show at Harrogate and it was a lovely, the quilts were amazing:

These are just two of the quilts, I've got pictures of others as well - just gorgeous!!

I was very good and didnt spend too much - too be honest I felt a bit guilty with us going away - and I've got loads of sewing bits I could be doing at home - but its always nice to get something new:
I bought a kit to make a quilted cushion - its supposed to be ideal for beginners - hmm not so sure now I've opened it - lol - I told the girl it needed to be very easy and she assured me it was - so I'll let you know how I get on - when I start it!!.  I also got a small pincushion kit it was only £1.99 so couldnt resist it - I also got a new Bent Creek cross stitch pattern and a fat quarter of some cute material with wellies and watering cans - hmmmm what to do what to do with it??

Before we went away I started to get back into my cross-stitch and the gnome alphabet is coming along slowly but surely:
and here is my latest TUSAL (now I'm not sure if I'm early or late- oops)
pop to Daffycat to see how everyone else is getting on.

Right I'm not sure how many photos I can get away with in a post - so I'll go and check how my soup is getting on and I'll be back later with some card makes.

Enjoy your weekend



  1. Hey there I just saw your profile picture over at Hookin With Laa Laa and thought 'hey I know that photo' LOL I have the EXACT same photo of my two littlies taken in June when we flew half way across the world LOL to Europe . . . Yes holidaying with children is interesting - not anywhere as interesting as the 31 hours it took to get from NZ to Europe though ::))
    YES def time to start saving for next one . . . we haven't done Scotland or Ireland yet

  2. Well done you...getting on a plane! x

  3. Glad you had a great holiday - I have panic attacks about having my 2 closeted together for more than 10 mins lol!

    Bum! missed the stitching show again!!!