Monday, 15 October 2012

Octobers Tusal...

... yay I think I'm on time for the first time in months!!!  Here is my Tusal :

Getting fuller!!  Pop to Daffycat to see how everyone else is doing.

I've got a few more letters done on my Gnome Alphabet:

But I've been naughty and started a new project:

Its a pixel design for the Big Bang Theory which we are big fans of here.   I saw the original idea on Stephs blog - who makes the cutest amigurami and lots of other crafty stuff - pop over for a nosy, where she made it into a cushion - so I am afraid I have been totally unorginal and nicked her idea (hope you dont mind :-)), for a christmas present for my eldest.  I then thought I'd do an Avengers one for my youngest and Steph was very helpful in pointing me in the right direction of some patterns - Thank you!!!  These are great to stitch and perfect for beginners plus they only take a night to do a character. I purchased the pattern from Etsy from here if you fancy a nosy.  Fingers crossed I wont be my usual unorganised self and get them finished in time - I hope so, as I am a bit useless in that department - I really dont want them to go into my pile of 'stuff' to be finished off properly - I tell you, I really need to win the lottery this work malarky really plays havoc with my crafting!!!

Thanks for looking



  1. Lots of threads this month - I'm late with mine - loving the Gnomes xx

  2. filthy mind saw something else in your sewing!!
    What the flamin' 'eck is that jar for...Looking for fluff? I'll send you my hoover bag!! x

  3. Great projects Ali, will look fab when they're finished x

  4. OOo! I do love your gnome alphabet! Very sweet. Your Big Bang stitch is looking fab! Oh lol! no, it's all good with me, I'm sure they were making cushions way back at the dawn of time so the idea doesn't belong to me ^_^ They are lovely to stitch aren't they?So simple and yet they look so like the characters.

  5. Gnome alphabet is lovely and great start on your new project x

  6. Not clue what a tusal is but congrats lol.found app I cam look at blogs easier on phones so hopefully you'll be seeing more of me xx