Saturday, 17 November 2012


... Ooh have I surprised you with a post - oh my lordy, cant believe how long its been!!!!  I do have an armful of excuses though, so grab a cuppa & help yourself to a cake while I  get up to date - I've been spending a bit more time in the kitchen trying to improve on my baking skills one of my favourites where these mince pie cakes  from the Goddess Kitchen -they were delicious:

I've also been a bit addicted to these:

I couldn't put the first one down - luckily I'd bought the others for my son and he didnt mind me reading them before he had, as much as I enjoyed them I was a bit disappointed with the ending of the last book - felt it could have ended a bit better, but saying that I still enjoyed them.  I've finally started reading Twilight, a friend lent me the book ages ago and I dont know why I was very reluctant to pick it up thinking it would be all moody teenagers and I'm starting to get enough of that at home lol and didnt want to read about it as well -lol - but it isnt,and now I'm hooked on this as well - I know the films have been on tv recently but I've deliberately missed them so I can enjoy the book.  With all this reading I was thinking of joining Stephs  50 book challenge, but its seems I'm not very good at continuing with challenges once I've joined them - oops - so I might just join from the sidelines and keep my own record :-)

Erm, what else have I been up to - well I have been making the odd card but goodness knows where my cardmaking mojo has gone but I'm going to have to get it back as I've Christmas cards to make - aargh!!!  I've got photos of some of my makes and I'll blog them if I spot suitable challenges.

I'm still cross-stitching on a night, I finished Jacks Big Bang Theory stitching and made it into a cushion cover - it only took me 4 hours to make this morning - good grief!!!

(I know its a bit wonky - but by the end I was losing the will to live - lol!! - definately NOT a patient person when sewing is concerned!! - I'm hoping it wont be as noticable when there is a cushion in :-))

Before I made it up I had the great idea of doing a cushion for Tom, hoping next time I make it up it will be a bit easier!!

Heres his Captain America cross-stitch:

Thanks again to Steph who sorted me out with a link to the free pattern - do pop to her blog she makes gorgeous things puts up great links and has now started to do her own cross-stitch patterns!!

So heres my November TUSAL picture (just for a change I thought I'd be late posting!! - sorry Daffycat)

Pop over to Daffcats blog to see how everyone else is doing. 

Right I think thats a condensed version of what I've been up to hope you are all well and hopefully now I'm getting things sorted at home as I have dropped working a Thursday morning I'll be a bit more organised and get back to reading blogs and leaving comments which I know has fallen by the wayside.

Thanks for looking

Have a great weekend



  1. Those cakes look heavenly, send me one down please! Love your stitching makes x

  2. Gimme the cake and no one gets hurt! You cross stitching is so awesome. X

  3. Waving - I've been just as bad lately - I haven't sneaked the hunger games books out of tall child's room yet although the word book seems to be foreign to her lol

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Love the cushion and those muffins look yummy- thanks for the link! I love the Hunger Games books but I agree with you about the ending. Have a great weekend! Laura (Strawberry Mouse Crafts)

  5. Oh, those cupcakes look yummy and I think your Big Bang Theory pillow is adorable. Perfect fabric you chose for it, Ali!!

  6. Oh my goodness, I love the little captain America dude! So cute. I have yet to understand why everyone finds the big bang theory so funny, people keep telling me I'm going to love it, but I just sit there wondering what everyone is laughing at, and I've given up trying to get it now :) Your baking looks delicious!

  7. Show-Off! So you can cook...and sew...and create beautiful cards...and clear up bits of fluff & save in a jar (that's weird!)...and read too!
    Off to sulk....:-)

  8. oh no! This is too bad of me! How can I have missed this one! I had been waiting to see your Big Bang finish!It is fab by the way ^_^ Captain America is looking good too. oo yes! The Hunger Games are fab books. Laura recommended them to me and I couldn't put them down! Twilight is one of my faves ^_^ Hehe! I am not the best at organising anything, so please do feel free to join the 50 book challenge and we'll muzzle through it together ^_^The Mince Pie cakes look amazing!
    I promise to keep up with your posts in future!