Thursday, 30 January 2014

A little stitchy...

...update, before the boys come home.

Here's one I've finished although I'm one x out at the top and can I heck find where I've made the mistake!!!  Anyhoo, I'm just needing a frame for this and I'll get it put up in the kitche:

I've started this one:

I first saw this on Mouses blog and fell in love with it - I've had it a few months but only just picked it up (as you do!!)

Right, lastly its the 30th and a New Moon (according to Daffycats blog) so here's a picture of my tusal:

Pop to Daffycats for an explanation and see how everyone else is doing :-).

Hopefully I'll be back later with a card make.

Thanks for looking



  1. Love your cross stitch projects, Ali! Your stitching looks so tidy and you'd have to be good to see that you've missed a stitch (it's only because YOU know!) The saying in my family is "A blind man on a galloping horse couldn't see it..."!!
    Your first one will look great framed and hanging in the kitchen, I'm sure! Hugs, Lisa x

  2. I love this finished piece and nobody is going to find your hidden mistake. I certainly can't. In quilting circles we always say that an error is a deliberate mistake we put into our work as only God is perfect! hugs Mrs A.

  3. I think you may find thats the way its charted at least I found that when I did the top piece too and sooo pleased to see Dandy progress :) enjoy ... love mouse xxxxx

  4. helloooo! Love, love your stitching, the style and the colours are so nice. I found my cross stitchy mojo recently and promptly lost it when a long in the making project turned out to have rust marks at the top of the design from the frame I should have removed it from. Could have cried. Very nearly did!!
    Have been doing some Caroline Zoob embroidery recently though and its very quick to make up - will try and post pics this weekend.
    'Speak' soon!
    BH x

  5. Oh I love these stitches! One stitch out! pah!! It looks beautiful. XOX

  6. Sorry hun, I've been going to leave you a comment all week, but in between work and Tony being home, I've struggled to fit everything in this week. Aside from that, your Friendship piece is just beautiful, and just so neat. Your second piece look equally as beautifully. OMG you're so clever (jealous face here!), I've not got the patience to complete one piece as you know...or the eye sight :) Fabulous XX

  7. Lovely stitching! Really great designs. Laura x