Saturday, 31 August 2013

A little catch up...

...  yoo hoo,  just wanted to do a quick catchy up post.  This last week we had a few days down at Derbyshire staying at Matlock at a lovely B&B, we could have spent longer there as there was so much to see with one day filled with a theme park (and a couple of crafty shops - cough) and the other at Chatsworth House which was a great day filled and we still managed to miss things!!! Definately need to spend longer there next time.  The B&B where we stayed their daughter has holiday cottages on her farm - so maybe it could be there next for a longer break - although we would miss Davids super breakfasts.

The lady who ran the B&B was a lecturer in tailoring, needlework & patchwork!!!  So I managed to get an impromptu patchwork class and the lovely lady gave me some oddments of material to go towards my patchwork cushion - which hasn't been touched for a while as I ran out of material:

Goodies from Andrea

I've finished my Gnome alphabet apart from the pesky french knots for eyes - grrrr they are a nightmare and they are just not happening so I'll come back to that:
After much pestering from my son - I've picked up my wizard cross stitch:

Oops wrong way round but you get the idea - I'm not enjoying this I feel like I am stitching and stitching and not making any progress but I know if I look back through my blog I can see my progress from previous photos.  The other factor as to why I'm not enjoying it is because I want to start this:

I saw this on Mouses blog and fell in love with it straight away - so I had to order it - now Mouse said its ok to start but I'm trying to be good and hang on until I've done a bit more of the wizard - lol - hmmmm we'll see though.

Right thats my stitchy up date - I really need to get cracking with cards - its my youngests birthday in a couple of weeks so I really need to make a start on his card!!!

Thanks for looking



  1. Glad you had a great time, the B&B looks gorgeous. Might have to give that and Chatsworth House a whirl sometime. Loving the wizard cross stitch...get it done woman!

  2. Sounds like a nice hols for you. Hope you get to go again and see lots more(and maybe see a few more crafty shops! cough!! ) Beautiful stitching. the wizard looks fab to me! But I think I would be VERY tempted to stitch the sampler! It's small! It would not take too much time out from the wizard?!?! ^_^
    BIG happy hugs for you chuck! ^_^

  3. Now I'm not a cross-stitchy kinda-gal, I'm more likely to stab myself & bleed to death before anyone comes to my rescue. However, I do like the look of that 'waiting-patiently-to-be-started' pattern.x

  4. What a lovely time you had! Such an interesting place to visit, and lots of lovely crafting treats too.....what a great b&b owner! I enjoyed seeing your cross stitch...what a lot of work in the wizard.....and the new pattern is gorgeous.
    Helen x

  5. I've never been to Matlock but I'd love to go, and I'd love to visit Chatsworth too. Love the gnome alphabet. I struggled with French knots but found a really good tutorial on youtube which helped a lot. x