Thursday, 24 October 2013


Long time no post, but I do have a good reason you see we had a little jolly to Eurodisney:

As you can see weather wasnt fab but it didnt really matter.  The park was ready for Halloween and the parade was Halloween/Fall based just gorgeous!!!

And of course you had to have a cuddle with Mickey, although Tom who is 10 was in a bit of a strop as he felt he was TOO old for this (he soon came round though), but Jack enjoyed it - lol, but dont tell him I told you - Goofy took a particular shine to him lol.

When we came home it was Pins and Needles show at Newcastle racecourse, I had tickets from the beginning of the year but wasnt sure if we'd be bothered to make it but my lovely hubby took me up - now, I did enjoy it but there was only one cross stitch stall - the lovely TrudyAnne Designs so I bought a couple of things there:

And I couldnt resist starting one of the designs - oops that means the wizard will probably come to a standstill.  

That is the most recent update of him - but I will keep at him as the end is in sight :-), I think I'll take hints from June  as she always has a few projects on the go at once.

The rest of the stalls were cardmaking, so it would have been rude not to make a couple of purchases:


Nothing too exciting, as I didnt have an idea of what I needed as I was expecting it to be more fabrics/stitching.

So thats it really, I need to get back into cardmaking and make a start on my Christmas Cards.

Hope I haven't bored you.

Thanks for looking 




  1. Hi, Ali! Glad to hear you enjoyed your little jaunt to Eurodisney, despite the grey skies! It would be rude to go to a craft show and come home empty handed, but you were very restrained! I normally end up getting home and finding out I've already got what I've bought or it ends up stuck in a drawer for a few years! I'm up to my eyeballs in dust at the minute as the workmen have finally come to do our house, I'm just hoping the sparkies turn up tomorrow! Lisa x

  2. Thanks 4 sharing all your piccys xxx

  3. Sounds like you had fun at Eurodisney, and well done on being so restrained at the show. Not sure I would have done. xx

  4. Eurodisney looks fab, love your photos :o) You were very well behaved at the show hun! Hugs, Lisa x

  5. Your eurodisney break looks like a lot of fun, I am very jealous! x

  6. Lovely purchases and fab photos of your holiday!

  7. Yay ^_^ fab hols for you ^_^ And crafty goodness too. How could any of this be boring! Fear not! I have so many projects on the go tis barmy...I would say you are in good company but would you wanna be there with me!!! cackle ^_- xox