Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Where has today gone??? (every day rambling and some stitchery)

Blooming 'eck cant believe its half three already - keep thinking its only mid morning -whats all that about??? lol

Well, today is my first day off whilst the boys have been on holiday and I wanted to take them to an exhibition at a local museum to see props and models from sci-fi films - tbh - more for me than them -lol as I am a bit of a Star Wars fan:

It wasnt a huge exhibition just to say worth the couple of pound to get in.  To stop the moaning about going to the museum I said I'd take them to the local indoor skate park - which was bl**dy freezing -NOTE TO SELF  next time - wrap up very warmly and take something to read!!!

Now they cant moan next time I want to take them somewhere when I sat for two hours in the cold for them - lol.

Right enough of my everyday rambling - I'm also here to show a bit of stitchery.  I have finally got round to finishing off some completed  cross-stitching:

Made into a cushing AND I even managed to add lace!!  Never done that before.

Made into another cushion.

Lastly I had the urge to make a make-up bag at the weekend (as you do).  Now my sewing knowledge is basic to say the least but I managed to make a makeup bag - lined and with a zip neither of which have I attempted before!!! without much swearing or unpicking - heres a piccie of the finished item, now I know its not brilliant but for a first attempt I'm quite chuffed:

Right I think thats me up to date, just on with some colouring for christmas cards and stitching together the felt reindeer that came free with a magazine.  But before I can crack on with that I have to get Tom ready for a Halloween party that he is going to tonight.

If you've made it this far - thank you!



  1. Love the cushions & your makeup bag is fabulous, hugs Juls x

  2. Wow, I'm so impressed. I love, love the cushions and the makeup bag. Your sewing is so neat and clean, they look so good Ali. xxx

  3. Looks like you had a fab time at the museum :) And wow, your stitching is coming along isn't it? That first cushion is really beautiful. Of course it's all fab, but the first cushion really jumps out.
    Alas, I can't say where that hessian came from. I picked it up somewhere, so long ago I can't remember where! So sorry.
    Have a lovely Sunday xx

  4. Hi Ali,
    Love your cross stitching - are they Lizzie Kate designs?? They are lovely! I have rediscovered my stitchy mojo recently, I think it may be to do with the nights drawing in! I'm just catching up with my blog and reading blogs, and hope you managed to find a fabric pumpkin pattern. I know its a bit late (sorry!) but heres the link for the one I used :
    really simple and quick to make up.
    BH x
    PS - Kringle candles - almost forgot! They are made by the son of the chap who started Yankee Candle, he sold Yankee a while back and now his son has started this company. I have to say I prefer kringle ones, the fragrances are more unusual and stronger without being cloying.. There is supposed to be a stockist in the metrocentre, but there was one in Consett, in a little gift shop on Trafalgar street I think its called! Happy shopping!

  5. Love your cross stitching. Very nice. And that make-up bag looks great. Lining and zips - that's more than I could do! x

  6. Woah! The Star Wars stuff looks awesome! ^_^ Gorgeous stitchery ^_^ Love the Friends Forever one and the make up bag is brilliant.

  7. A bit late with my comments but I just wanted to say how lovely your cushions look. And the Star Wars exhibit looks like it was a lot of fun!