Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Holidays Are Coming!!!

Hi, well still seem to be keeping on top of things - finally got round to making hubbys Christmas Card the other night - and can post the pic now - as he has opened it and is on our mantlepiece!!

Monday was a bit of a busy night - we also got the Christmas decorations out and let the boys decorate the tree - they have actually done quite a good job - so I have left it - not needed to move anythings around!!

Also taken a few pictures of my favourite things, I love this little gingerbread man tree decoration and as you can also see I have a bit of a collection of nutcrackers:

Last night saw Toms School Nativity - he was THE donkey!!! Brilliant he was too - however, when I first saw his outfit I wasn't sure if he looked more like the Gruffalo. The performance was excellent - all the children sang their hearts out - definately a tear in my eye - believe me
it doesn't take much!!

I finally feel that I am getting on top of things, got the pressies wrapped today, christmas cards sorted - going to hopefully get all the daft bits and bobs tomorrow and then THAT IS IT!! No more shopping - I hope - ahem! (Does internet shopping & grocery shopping count??)


  1. Love your card and your pics of your boys. We haven't done the tree yet but hope to get all the decorations out at the weekend!

  2. Great card and your son makes a sweet little donkey lol - he looks all fluffy and cuddable x