Monday, 14 March 2011

A Crafty Weekend.

Yoo hoo, hope the sun is shining where you are - its lovely here (for a change) and have actually got some washing pegged out.
Well, I don't know what came over me at the weekend but had an urge to 'do' things - not like me - I often 'think' I want to do things but then don't actually get anything done. This weekend was different so after some baking:

Brownies, ginger snaps and cinnamon scones (recipe from green rabbit designs). All delish and nearly all gone!!

Next my Aunty Kitty had sent through some material that she no longer needs and thought I'd have another bash with my sewing machine - so here's a pic of a half finished bag - (because of the colours thought of a trick or treat bag) just needs the handles and motif on - so as soon as I've got something suitable I'll post a finished pic.

I know it's basic - but quite chuffed with it. Don't know if I am getting a bit above myself but my eldest is going to France with the school and doesnt have a wash bag and I cant seem to find anything suitable so am wondering if I'd be able to use a similar design and make him one???

Last photo for now (honest :-) ) A painted pot - I saw this post at Postcards from the P.P. and thought what an easy fab idea - I loved the zingy colours used but they wouldnt have gone with my existing pots so went for something a bit tamer and then decided to add spots:

It looks great - just need to do a few more now!!

I'll be glad to get to work for a rest - lol. Hopefully, I'll be back later with a couple of card makes.

Hope I haven't bored you to tears!!!

Thanks for looking xx


  1. Blimey you've been busy! Those cakes look yummy x

  2. Wow you have made/done loads over the weekend. All the cakes look fab, not surprised they have nearly all gone. Your pot will look fab in the garden xx

  3. Ooohhh, your baking looks delicious, bet there's nothing left! Your bag is great as is the flower pot, you clever thing x

  4. Wow - what a productive weekend Ali!!! Your baking looks very yummy!!! I'm off to look at the recipe for the scones!!! I like the bag - did you follow any pattern/instructions and if so were they easy as I wouldn't mind having a crack at it!! By the way - I have looked at Fabric Rehab but found them expensive and then quite pricey postage on top!!!!

  5. When can I come to tea please !!!!! Baking looks and probably was delicous. Fabby pot too.

  6. You've been busy! Your baking looks yummy, I'm off to look at the recipe for the scones too coz I love cinnamon. Your bag & plant pot look great too. x