Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fanfare please....

... lol, the sewing machine has had its first outing. I know, I know - shocking :-)!!! I've been cross-stitching a well I'm not sure what but he has the name of ninja panda - it is out of a cross stitching magazine as soon as my youngest saw him he asked me to make it for him so with a little bit of stuffing and a bit of felt and a key ring chain pinched from somewhere here he is:

Now I know he's not perfect but for a first attempt - lol. I did make a bit of a pigs ear of it in that I thought it would be easier to turn inside out from the side than the bottom, but then made the opening to small so had to unpick some and then I've stitched it by hand (not too neatly - oops!!) but its a learning curve - so I know for next time.

He's now safely on Tom's bookbag and can you see his little cross stitched dinosaur button and a badge from when we went to see Sarah Millican - we did get two badges but didnt think the school would think to highly of me considering it says gobsh*te - lol.

Any hints/tips greatly received. Now then what to do, what to do!!

Thanks for looking xx


  1. Well done Ali - I also did abit of sewing today. I made the Russian Doll bag charm from Simply Homemade - the only thing is that they gave the wrong measurements in the magazine, the fabric was too small for the template they gave. I emailed them and they said 'oops you are right'!!!! Anyway I made it smaller than theirs and it was ok for a first attempt. I'll blog it tomorrow for you to see!!!! I had to unpick some ric rac 3 times before I got it right lol. Look forward to seeing your next project xx

  2. Well done sweetie ~ it's fabulous Ali and your son looks so pleased with your wonderful creation :o)

    look forward to seeing more of your wee creations!

    hugs Vicky xx

  3. Well done hun, I think it's great keyring, first attempt or no. Love the rockin card underneath too. Have a great weekend. xxx

  4. Your first attempt has turned out just fine. He loks quite fearsome wtih those fangs. I'm not too sure what monkey is making. I told him to stay away from my sewing machine and find something useful to do! Been away for 3 days and he won't come out of the cupboard to show me!!Lol.